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News Team - Tracy Knepple

Tracy Sherwood-Knepple is an author and editor who provides writing services to individuals looking to create content for their business or to share their stories through a book. She is a current member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). As a freelance author, Tracy has written over 40 manuscripts through various publishers based in the United States and Canada.

Ms. Knepple graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and minored in Women’s Studies. During her time at Indiana University, Ms. Knepple served as a reporter and editor for the Preface. Her senior year, Ms. Knepple served as the managing editor of the Preface before her graduation in 2006.

Additionally, Ms. Knepple has provided hundreds of articles and blogs on a variety of topics for clients in real estate, business, and self-help, as well as addiction and current news events. Her experience includes working for the South Bend Tribune in South Bend, Indiana, as an intern reporter, where Ms. Knepple reported on local business-related events, profiled local business owners, and covered the opening of local businesses in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

She also spent over a year as an assistant editor at GCI magazine, based in Carol Stream, Illinois. Her duties included managing freelance writers to produce content for the magazine, creating content for the magazine’s website, as well as editing articles and news items, all with the goal of increasing readership and broadening the magazine’s market share. As a ghostwriter, Ms. Knepple works with individuals to create books that assist in marketing their businesses or sharing inspirational stories for overcoming challenges in life, both physical, emotional, and mental.