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About Us

Reading Time: 1 minute focuses on helping to reduce the impact of addiction on society by continuously offering information about addiction, treatment and recovery options to those in need. It is our goal to not only help those who are suffering from addiction to seek recovery, but also to help in creating a voice of addiction prevention  that reaches as many people as possible. We hope that one day, this disease of addiction becomes a past struggle that nobody – no mother, father, brother, sister, — nobody has to deal with.

We provide a number of solutions to help individuals and families that have been impacted by addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our treatment helpline is available 24/7 and online, we update the site daily with addiction, treatment and recovery related content that can help you whether you’re currently addicted, you’re a family member of an addict looking for support, or you’re just wondering what all this “addiction” talk is all about.