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Detox is often necessary for a safe and successful recovery after becoming addicted to a dangerous substance of abuse. It can be the first step of addiction treatment as well, as attempting to recover without the help of professional caregivers, especially early on, can be extremely risky. Call 800-654-0987 now to find detox centers that match your needs for recovery and to learn more about the process of withdrawal.

Why Do I Need Detox?

Without the help of healthcare professionals, medication, and therapy, withdrawal can be extremely dangerous. Depending on the substance you have been abusing, you could potentially experience severe, painful, or even life-threatening symptoms. This is why it is so important to go through the process in a professional detox center that can provide you with the help you need and ensure that your symptoms do not become worse.

Types of Detox Centers

There are generally two types of detox programs available to individuals who need withdrawal help: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient-based programs provide 24-hour care to patients in a controlled environment. This can be necessary to those individuals who are severely addicted to alcohol or have been abusing CNS depressants, as the withdrawal symptoms associated with these syndromes can be unpredictable and deadly. In addition, anyone who

  • Has a severe addiction to a substance or has been abusing it for several years
  • Has tried multiple times to detox with unsuccessful results
  • Is suffering from high psychiatric severity either caused by withdrawal or occurring simultaneously with it
  • Does not have a safe home environment in which to detox

should consider seeking inpatient treatment. Outpatient programs also exist where patients can receive medication and other treatments daily (or several times a week), but these facilities are often best for those who have less severe addictions and withdrawal symptoms.

Will Detox Cure My Addiction?

Detox is often considered the first part of addiction treatment, but it is important to remember that it is not, on its own, a treatment for addiction. Patients are evaluated for the severity of their condition and are often given medications to minimize their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. However, detox alone is not treatment. The program will help prepare you for full rehab and treat your withdrawal symptoms so that they will not be as severe and likely to lead to relapse.

What Medications Are Available During Detox?

Depending on which substance(s) you were abusing, you may need a different type of medication to treat your symptoms. Methadone, buprenorphine, and clonidine can all be helpful in the treatment of opioid withdrawal, as these drugs minimize the symptoms of aches and pains, runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhea. Anticraving agents and antipsychotics may be used to control the issues experienced by those who have been abusing stimulants, as these drugs can create severe psychosis and strong cravings.

Sometimes, though, the patient will be merely weaned off the drug or another like it in order to minimize the severity of their withdrawal. This is often the case with CNS depressants like benzodiazepines. Some patients may choose to continue being maintained on a medication like methadone for opioid dependence, but detox usually involves slowly tapering off a drug (or several) while the individual’s dependence diminishes.

Is Detox Dangerous?

The process is much safer and more effective for those who attend professional care than those who attempt to taper off the drug at home or those who try to go cold turkey. Even opioid withdrawal, which does not cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in most cases, can create severe pain that often leads to relapse. This is why it is so important for an individual going through withdrawal to attend treatment in a detox center and to be evaluated and treated by medical professionals.

Finding the Right Detox Program

It is important to consider the severity of your dependence as well as your addiction and to seek out the program that will best protect you from relapse as well as that offers the options you require for recovery. Finding the right detox program is often key to starting your recovery off right. Let us help you choose the best option for your needs and to begin your rehabilitation as soon as possible; call 800-654-0987 now.

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