Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

Medical Reviewer - Oscar Hernandez, MSW

Oscar Hernandez has been in the field of Human Services for over 25 years as a Family Therapist and Substance Abuse Therapist.

Oscar graduated with a BA in Sociology from Hunter College and went on to acquire a Masters in Social Work from Eastern Michigan in 2006. Initially, Mr. Hernandez worked in preventive care as a Family Therapist at Astor Homes for Children in New York with at-risk teens suffering from drug abuse. He went on to practice therapy for several years as a clinician in upstate New York at Imagination Station conducting psychoeducational seminars on addiction. As a Therapist at New York Psychotherapy Counseling Center, Oscar helped countless individuals deal with their various addictive behaviors, such as gambling, drug and alcohol abuse, and sex and love addictions.

While Oscar is an accomplished therapist, he has personal experience overcoming the throes of substance abuse. He is a strong proponent of support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcohol Anonymous, and considers them indispensable to maintaining one’s sobriety. Currently, he has over 25 years sobriety from substance abuse and incorporates the knowledge and wisdom he has garnered from these groups in his personal and professional practice helping others achieve sobriety.

As a result of Oscar’s professional and personal experiences with the various forms of addiction, he has dedicated himself to increasing his knowledge regarding this disease. By learning and helping others overcome the obstacles they face with addiction, he has come to see it is possible to change, grow and live a life free from substance abuse.

Oscar currently works as a Therapist at Upper Manhattan Mental Health Clinic in New York City.