Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

Medical Reviewer - Dr. Joshua M. Gleason, MD

Dr. Joshua M. Gleason is a clinical research fellow at Harvard Medical School where he leads teams of healthcare professionals and scientists, overseeing aspects of planning, implementation, evaluation, and the interpretation of clinical trials. In addition to his leadership role, he guides departments in achieving medical and scientific accuracy in the development of pharmaceutical design, while leading publication and presentation efforts of innovative findings in medical journals and national conferences.

Dr.Gleason obtained a Doctor of Medicine from Ross University School of Medicine. Before medical school he attended Quinnipiac University where he graduated with a Master of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology and a Master of Health Science in Biomedical Science. He is also an alumnus of The University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry.

Dr. Gleason has presented his scientific work at national and international conferences, where he received numerous awards for innovative research, leading to publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. He has conducted quality improvement and performance initiatives for patient flow analysis to decrease emergency room wait times.

Before joining, he collaborated with the Department of Emergency Medicine at UMass Memorial Medical Center to collect and analyze substance abuse related overdose and death to identify problematic areas better and evaluate prevention efforts. He continues to educate the public by raising awareness about substance misuse and abuse empowering patients to make safe choices.

As a medical editor, Dr. Gleason is responsible for the overall editorial direction of substance abuse. His primary focus is to ensure LLC delivers medically accurate and up-to-date content while adhering to the fulfillment of their mission: to provide a platform for professional communication, education, and treatment for drug addiction.