Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

Medical Reviewer - Dr. Gerard M. DiLeo, MD, CLCP

Dr.Gerard M. DiLeo is a medical doctor, and Certified Life Care Planner. Dr.DiLeo is also a published health author for McGraw-Hill, as well as has contributed health articles to newspapers and regional magazines for over 30 years. He was in private practice in the New Orleans area during these years, serving as Chief-of-Staff at a regional hospital twice.

Dr.DiLeo was the Director of Pelvic Pain at the University of South Florida where he treated intractable pain and helped patients navigate the opioid pitfalls of chronic pain management. He also was a member of the American College of Pain Medicine and International Pelvic Pain Society.

He is an inventor (catheter stethoscope) and innovator in pain management, authoring guidelines for those at risk for addiction and introducing successful interventional pain protocols into the problem of pelvic pain, which has traditionally sidestepped such interventions in lieu of major surgeries.

Dr.DiLeo was in academic practice for five years, lecturing medical students, residents, and attending staff on chronic pain, from the classroom to the Grand Rounds theater to continuing medical education for primary physicians and specialists in private and hospital practice. He is currently writing full time for professionals and laypersons alike, backed by his lengthy experience in pelvic dysfunction specifically and pain management in general.