The Importance Of Dealing With The Core Issues Of Addiction

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The science of addiction has been studied and analyzed for decades, being approached over and over again at multiple angles in an effort to better treat those in recovery. These key elements of addiction have a rather large impact on the development, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease. Understanding and dealing with them can be the safest and most efficient way of approaching treatment.

Allows For Effective Treatment

Addiction is one of the few conditions that is considered to be customizable. The effects of addiction varies from person to person, the NIDA says, and can be attributed to multiple factors. Sometimes, understanding how a person is affected mentally, physically, and emotionally by addiction can allow for successful treatment.

Addiction is multi-faceted condition, and it doesn’t work to treat only one aspect while ignoring the others. Addressing all of the core issues and the factors involved during treatment is necessary for its success.

Can Prevent Relapse

Once treatment is successful and the person is no longer addicted to the drug or substance, they have entered the recovery stage. As addiction is highly prone to relapse, treatment can never actually be considered to be over. Addressing the core issues of addiction and how they specifically affect that person can be a necessary component in preventing them from relapsing.

Just as there are many factors involved in the development of an addiction, there are many factors that are involved in relapse. Treating those core issues in tandem with the recovery process for addiction can help the person step away from their addiction. Ignoring or only partially addressing those core issues during recovery can be like putting a band-aid on the situation, and allow them to trigger a relapse later on.

Co-Occurring Conditions

Sometimes, addiction is the result of another condition, referred to as a co-occurring condition. These additional conditions can create issues of their own, and make it difficult to efficiently treat and diagnose addiction.

It is possible that the core issues of addiction can be impacted by a co-occurring condition and vise-versa. Addressing those core issues can be the best way to treat the addiction and the co-occurring condition in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Sometimes, the core issues of the person’s addiction are the co-occurring condition, making it absolutely necessary to address for the sake of the person’s treatment.

Understand How To Prevent Addiction In Others

It is heavily stressed by multiple organizations, like the DEA and the NIDA, that it is very difficult to predict the effect a drug will have on a person. In looking at the key factors in the development of an addiction, it can be easier to help prevent others from becoming addicted.

Those who have family members who have struggled with addiction have an increased risk for developing one themselves. Understanding the contributing issues can also help with recognizing the signs of addiction in others and how to properly address their treatment.