Common Lies Addicts Tell and How to Refute Them

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Anyone who has ever dealt with an addict knows that they have carefully constructed defenses. One of these defensives is lying. One of the characteristics of addiction is lying.

Unfortunately, not only does lying destroy relationships and trust, it inhibits the addict’s ability to seek treatment. Fortunately, there are ways to easily refute these lies.

I can Quit Anytime I want

This one is very easy to refute. All you have to do is ask them to quit. Many people get their loved ones into rehab by betting them that they cannot quit for a certain amount of time after the addicts say that they can quit anytime they want.

I am Too Stressed to Quit

Stress is one of the leading causes of addiction. Many people turn to using drugs or alcohol when they are stressed because it gives them immediate relief.

To refute this lie, you can show them alternative stress reduction techniques. Many of these techniques work very well. You can also find a treatment center that focuses on stress reduction and drug treatment.

I Need the Drugs to Relax

Like the lie about stress, doing drugs to relax does not make them any less of an addict. Many people who are addicted to drugs are addicted to their relaxing or euphoric properties.

Again suggest other relaxation techniques that do not involve drugs. Explain that there are a lot of ways to relax. If they are addicted find a drug treatment center that specializes in learning relaxation without drug use.

It Isn’t Hurting Anyone

This is a classic lie that many addicts actually believe themselves. To refute this explain that the addiction is hurting you, their family, and their friends. In this case, you might want to write down specific examples of when and how it hurt you.

Presenting these to an addict is also a way to talk them into treatment. If you get several friends and family members together you can not only show them how much everyone cares but ask them to get treatment.

I am not Addicted

Usually, no one questions a person about an addiction unless there is a distinct possibility that they are in fact addicted. This statement is a classic denial of the addiction. It is one of the most difficult to refute.

You can do it but expect resistance. You can start by showing them how much of a substance they use or how often they use it. Sometimes this makes the addict realize exactly how much they are relying on their drug of addiction.

Getting Help

If a loved one is lying to you about their addiction, talk to them about it when they are not using. Make sure it is safe to do so, most people do not like their addiction or their lies challenged. If you feel that they need treatment look into it before talking to them, that way you can have all the answers.