5 Things You Never Realized about Addiction until You Got Sober

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When you’re in the throes of addiction, it can be hard to see what the drugs are really doing to you, your life, and those around you. Heck, sometimes it’s even hard to recognize the addiction itself. Yet, once you get sober, it feels overwhelming, the amount of control addiction had over you and the crazy role it played in your life.

Here are five things most people never realize about addiction until after they’ve gotten sober.

It Was Controlling Your Life

Once you’re in recovery, you’re probably amazed that you didn’t realize the control addiction had over you and your life. It controlled what you did, where you went, and who you spent time with. Addiction is all-consuming, and it doesn’t give you a break, no matter how bad you need it.

It consumes your time, money, and sanity, as well as your relationships, morals, and reason. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol and ready to get sober, today’s the day.

It Made You Feel Like Crap

And look like it too. When every day is focused on getting drugs so you don’t start withdrawing, it can be difficult to realize that you constantly feel bad, even if you’re not going through withdrawal, as drug addiction has huge negative impacts on your health and wellness, from how you sleep to how you eat.

Drug and alcohol addiction also makes you look like someone else, like someone who doesn’t take care of him or herself, because, well, you weren’t taking care of yourself. You were getting high.

Friends Made in Addiction Aren’t Friends

When you’re addicted to drugs, those that were in your life before tend to disappear, either because they’re tired of seeing what addiction was doing to you or because you’ve pushed them away. That means you’re left with “new friends” that are also drug users. And these are the people that you spend your time with.

Yet, once you stop using, you soon realize these people aren’t your friends. They don’t have your back. They don’t care how you’re doing. They were never your friends, they were just people to do drugs with.

Addiction Takes Everything… And then Some

As mentioned, addiction consumes and it consumes everything. Your money and time, relationships, health, and pride. It can take your kids away from you and make you do things you’d never think you’d do. That’s what drugs do. They make themselves more important than anything else in your life and take over.

Drugs Aren’t Fun Anymore

Once you’re not using, it’s easy to recognize that drugs had lost their fun a long, long time ago. At the beginning of your drug use, well before you were addicted, drugs were fun. That’s why you started using them. They made you feel good. They helped you let loose. But at the end, it wasn’t fun. It was life. It was necessary. And it was all you cared about. But it wasn’t fun. Not at all.

Are You Addicted?

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