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Treatment Effectiveness 4
Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
Meals & Nutrition 4


At Domus Retreat, you’ll be able to get specialized inpatient rehab and detox treatment for your opiate addiction. This facility vows to treat your underlying issues as the main problem rather than simply considering your dependency as the only problem at hand. This means you’ll be receiving customized care entirely tailored to meet your needs as a recovering opioid addict. You won’t simply have a band-aid slapped on your problems and be sent home; instead, you’ll be able to stay until you’ve sorted through all the factors contributing to your dependency.

Typically, the first step in the Domus Retreat program is a rapid opiate detox. This facility uses the Waismann Method to help eliminate all opioids from your system in a short period of time, reducing your withdrawal symptoms and helping your brain begin the healing process. Because this is a medical procedure, you’ll receive aftercare to make sure your body is adjusting properly. This helps you reset your biological clock and get used to a normal lifestyle once more.

After detox, Domus Retreat believes that it’s important for all patients to understand the conditions and process that lead to their undesirable behaviors. By unlocking these processes, the dependency can then be treated. By focusing on the factors that lead to opiate dependency, you’ll be able to effectively eliminate the urges and cravings that force you to take drugs.

Once you’ve tackled that, you’ll then work with staff to help regain your physical and mental strength so that you can make a full body recovery. Domus Retreat is very committed to not using any 12-step programs, as they believe that these aren’t the best tool for everyone. Instead, they offer weekly programs that don’t utilize the 12 steps so that you can customize treatment for whatever works for you.

In particular, you’ll be surrounded by staff members 24/7 so that you’ll never have to feel alone. Even better, the facility only treats six patients at one time, meaning you’ll have the full attention of each and every medical professional. Each professional has taken a vow to treat you with the full respect and honor you deserve as a human being, regardless of the mistakes you’ve made in the past.


Domus Retreat prides itself in offering many of the comforts of home during your stay. It will feel more like you’re staying at a luxury hotel instead of a rehab clinic, as you’ll have over 6,000 square feet of living space to peruse.

Because it’s only a six-bed facility, you’ll have a comfortable bedroom all to yourself decorated in fine, lavish accents. Everything you need will be provided, from linens to robes and toiletries. There’s no need to worry about making your bed or doing your laundry, as full housekeeping and laundry service is included during your stay. For entertainment, you’ll be able to catch the latest shows on your private plasma television or watch your favorite DVDs. Some of the beds even include an electropedic adjustable massage control, helping you to unwind and relax during stressful or tense moments.

Of course, you won’t want to stayed cooped up in your room the entire stay. For moments when you want to socialize, head into the spacious living room to chat with your peers or sign out a film from the entertainment room. You can even read a book in the comfortable den or play a game of pool in the billiard room.

If you’d like to go outside an enjoy the fresh air, there’s no better place to do that than from the designer swimming pool in the backyard of the facility. For a more relaxing time, try hanging out in the waterfall Jacuzzi to soothe your fears and apprehension away. However, if water just isn’t your thing, you’ll still have the opportunity to lounge on one of the three peaceful decks located throughout the property.

An additional service which you’re sure to enjoy is gourmet meals cooked by a culinary chef. Each meal can be customized to your special dietary or gastrointestinal needs, as it’s particularly important that you start eating a healthy diet to assist in your recovery. Another feature that will also help you during your recovery is the on-site exercise equipment and off-site gym. Here, you can work on regaining muscle and strengthening your body. Even better, you can enjoy a professional massage to ease muscle aches and stimulate the production of endorphins.


At Domus Retreat, you’ll benefit from a number of different therapies that focus on whole-body health during your stay. The most important part of your recovery will happen with one-on-one meetings with a psychotherapy multiple times a week. During these meetings, you’ll engage in therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you identify the thoughts patterns that lead to the behaviors that cause drug abuse. By working to change these patterns of thought, you can effectively alter your behaviors and prevent yourself from having a relapse.

In particular, you’ll delve into the world of internal and external tension in order to understand the needs you have that are in conflict inside your head. In many cases, this is due to feeling helpless – whether you feel helpless at your job, in your relationships, or in life in general. To compensate for this helplessness, many people turn to drugs to feel better. Over time, this habit becomes ingrained in them and is extremely hard to break on their own. By working through these issues with the psychotherapist, you can have a much easier time of breaking the cycle and starting anew.

The Domus Retreat does not use a 12-step approach, meaning that your sessions will be completely customized to your needs. There will be no pre-defined template treatment to follow; instead, your psychotherapist will create a plan of care just for you. If necessary, you can also work with a psychiatrist at an extra cost in order to get more medically based therapy.

However, you’ll also receive a number of non-traditional therapies to assist you with your physical and spiritual health along the way. When you first arrive, you’ll receive a physical assessment so that the staff working with you will know what your deficiencies are. Then, they’ll help to create a plan of care that might include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, biofeedback, and massages in order to get your back on the track to sobriety. They will also focus on helping you with resetting your biological clock, producing more endorphins naturally, and adapting your digestive system to a healthy diet.


One of the Domus Retreat’s main specialties is rapid detox aftercare. The facility uses the Waismann Method to remove opiates from the body in a rapid fashion, helping you make it through withdrawal without lingering side effects or cravings. However, just because the opioids are out of your system does not mean you are home free. Instead, you’ll need intensive aftercare to help your body continue to adjust and self-regulate while it heals.

Domus Retreat’s claim to fame is being the only licensed post-detox care facility in the United States that focuses on opiate recovery in a comforting environment. It does this by teaching you to reset your biological clock. While on drugs, you probably did not have a normal sleep schedule, as opioids confuse your body’s ability to know when it’s day or night. Resetting your biological clock helps you to stay awake during the day and sleep during the night.

Increasing your body’s production of endorphins is also crucial during this process. While you were on opioids, your body’s production of this natural painkiller slowed, as the opioids basically took its place. Now that you’ve stopped taking opioids, though, your body needs to start producing endorphins again. Otherwise, you’ll feel mental, emotional, and physical hurt more than a normal person would. This might lead to depression, anxiety, or sensitivity to sound and light. With the help of Domus Retreat staff, you’ll be able to overcome whatever symptoms your body starts developing while production is stimulated.

In addition to detox aftercare, Domus Retreat also offers pain management services. They supply each patient with a biofeedback practitioner to monitor the body’s response to rehab and figure out ways to make it happier. They’ll also teach you how to listen to your body and understand what it needs to stay healthy.

Private trainers are also available to help you regain the physical strength you lost while on drugs. You’ll be able to get in shape, work on muscle tone, and reduce your pain by producing more endorphins. Exercises can be done on-site or at an off-site gym.


All of the staff at Domus Retreat are seasoned professionals looking to help you get on the path to sobriety. They’ll work tirelessly to help raise your self-esteem and give you the tools you need to make responsible life choices. Because your family and friends might have abandoned you along the way, they’ll act as your support system during this stressful time in your life. They’ll see you as an individual person rather than just another patient, helping you feel comfortable and welcome during your entire stay.

Throughout your stay, you’ll be working with psychotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncture therapists, culinary chefs, yoga masters, private trainers, and more. Each staff member is thoroughly trained in addiction and rehab science before working with patients to ensure that they know the right way to handle this delicate mental disease. If a person does not have these skills, they won’t be hired, as they won’t be able to provide the level of care that patients at this facility need.

One of the main players at Domus Retreat is Claire Waismann. She currently acts as the General Manager of the facility and has held this role since 2004. In addition, she also has a key role in the development of the Waismann Method, acting as an Executive for this skill since 1999. She earned her standing as a Registered Addiction Specialist from Breinning Institute, where she also learned the best ways to provide addiction prevention and treatment.

The Waismann Method itself is directed by Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein. He manages all the patients to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the detox process. Under his care, you’ll be safe and relaxed during your rehab journey.


  1. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 3.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 3
    Meals & Nutrition 3.5

    When I needed help from a drug addiction rehab center, I pictured stark walls, living with others going through withdrawal, and an asylum like atmosphere. I thought this was the norm. After I called the Domus Retreat, I realized I couldn’t be more wrong. They are only a six bed facility so getting in might be a bit difficult but they offer one of the best whole health programs. The counselor that I spoke to told me that I would have my own room.
    I was also happy when they explained to me that they are not a 12 step program or use the 12 step approach. I dislike the concept of 12 step programs and know that it doesn’t work for me. They use a highly individualized program that suits my needs and goals instead. Those that I spoke to were happy to help explain things to me and help me decide on which program might be right for my treatment.

  2. Allan R

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    I expected more of the same old same old. The woman on the phone explained that the 12 step approach does not work for everyone which is why they don’t use it. I was thrilled. When I found that out, I really wanted to try their methods. She explained that they do things fast with something called rapid detox. It was amazing that she really seemed to understand what I needed.

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