Can’t I Just Quit on My Own?

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Calendar icon Last Updated: 09/14/2021

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Unfortunately, attempting to merely quit abusing drugs without any type of help can be extremely dangerous and unlikely to be successful. Therefore, it is much safer to make your decision to quit with the help of others and especially with the assistance of a professional rehab program.

Addiction Compromises You

You may be under the impression that you will be able to stop abusing drugs all on your own, that your will should be strong enough to allow you to take on this task. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Many people don’t understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs,” even those who become addicted themselves sometimes struggle with understanding this issue. But the truth is that, if you have become addicted, your will alone will not be strong enough to fight this problem and allow you to make a change.

When you started abusing drugs, it was your choice to do so. You may have felt that you could use sometimes and not others and that you were completely in control. But if you have been using for a long period of time and if you are beginning to experience cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and tolerance, you have likely become addicted to the drug. And once addiction actually sets in, it compromises your ability to control your own actions.

Drugs of abuse like heroin, methamphetamine, and even certain prescription drugs are so dangerous because, over time, their use in large doses changes the way the brain works. The brain begins to crave these drugs, and it will become harder and harder to resist using them. Even if you realize that you need to stop abusing drugs, it can be extremely hard to stick to this decision if you are truly addicted.

Seeking Help Is Necessary

Addiction calls for a specific type of treatment, one you can often find in a rehab center. Different programs exist with various methods and levels of intensity. But many people wonder why they need addiction treatment. The answer is because these programs can help you create change in a way that would be almost impossible without them.

Addiction treatment programs help patients learn ways to strengthen their resolve to stop abusing drugs as well as how to avoid triggers, cope with cravings, and prevent relapse. These programs provide patients with a number of effective strategies that can help them make numerous changes in their lives for the better, something that is very difficult to do on one’s own when addiction compromises so much.

Also, rehab isn’t the only way to ask for help during addiction recovery: according to the NIDA, “Family and friends can play critical roles in motivating individuals with drug problems to enter and stay in treatment” while also helping to strengthen the determination to recover.

You Are Not Alone

Going through something on your own is always harder than asking professionals and loved ones for help. Why would you want to force yourself to go through something so difficult alone, especially when you know that your ability to take on this task is considerably compromised?

You are not alone when it comes to putting an end to your addiction. In fact, it is much safer to attend rehab, and your recovery is more likely to be successful if you do. From withdrawal symptoms to cravings to the moments where your convictions will be most tested, it can be essential to have help, whether it is in the form of behavioral skills you learned in treatment, medications that will minimize your symptoms, or just the support of a doctor, counselor, or loved one who cares about your wellbeing. When you seek help, you are ensuring that your recovery will be stronger than it would be if you went it alone.