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The Watershed of the Palm Beaches is an inpatient rehabilitation clinic for people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Located just two miles away from Palm Beach County public beaches, you’ll be able to recover in an idyllic setting with the calm atmosphere of the ocean to soothe you. Because it’s licensed by the State of Florida and also has the Gold Seal from The Joint Commission, this facility ensures that you’re getting the highest level of care possible for your chemical addiction or dependence. The Watershed offers a number of different programs to fit the needs of all patients. They include medical detoxification for people who haven’t weaned off of drugs yet, inpatient rehabilitation and residential rehabilitation for people who need 24/7 care and support, partial hospitalization for people who want the freedom to continue living their lives, and a halfway house to help former drug users transition back into normal society. By embodying the principles of excellence and dedication, the staff of The Watershed will make you feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. The Watershed of the Palm Beaches is actually part of a network of facilities that have been designed to help those recovering from drug addiction. The other facility is located in Clear Lake, Texas. The Watershed of Palm Beaches is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to ensure that patients get continuous levels of care to help them in whatever battle they are facing. The first facility was opened in 1998, and its first patient was admitted on May 1, 1998. Since then, they’ve assisted over 35,000 people lead vibrant and meaningful lives without the influence of drugs. The Watershed of the Palm Beaches is a bit newer, as it was opened in October of 2005. Overall, the Watershed philosophy focuses on the staff’s passion for helping those with substance abuse issues recover from their addiction. They do that by repairing your relationships with loved ones and helping you see the value in having a meaningful and productive life. You’ll receive personalized treatment, utmost respect for you as a human being, and evidence-based treatment to get you back on track mentally and physically.


When staying at The Watershed of the Palm Beaches, you’ll have access to a number of fine amenities to make your journey to sobriety much more pleasant. As previously noted, the beautiful Palm Beach County beaches are just two miles away, meaning that you can easily take a day trip to the sand and water to clear your head and feel refreshed. However, the facility itself is filled with top-of-the-line comforts to keep you satisfied during your whole stay. As soon as you arrive, the resort-style exterior will make you feel as if you’re checking in to a luxury hotel rather than a rehab facility. If you’re craving a relaxing day in the sun, you can lounge around beside the pool or take a dip in the balmy waters. There’s also a beach volleyball court where you can play a game or two with your fellow friends. To help repair your body and get back your strength, the facility offers a comprehensive health and fitness center with plenty of exercise equipment, from free weights to machines. Best of all, the facility has a full-service kitchen, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy delicious meals customized to your liking. After eating, you can enjoy your evenings in the shaded pavilion in the property’s front yard, which is stocked with a number of tables and chairs to accommodate dozens of people. The entire property sits on a well-maintained green space with a row of trees closing it off from the rest of the world, meaning you can peruse the grounds to enjoy nature in a quiet and serene space. In fact, the entire complex is a total of six acres, giving you plenty of room to explore. With 132 beds, the facility gives you the chance to form bonds with a number of community members without sacrificing personal, one-on-one care. By mingling with this many people who have gone through the same things as you, you’ll never feel alone or forsaken again. If you’ve chosen to enroll in an outpatient program, The Watershed still has some amenities for you to enjoy. You can call their 24/7 hotline any time of day to get answers to your questions or guidance during an intense craving.


The Watershed of the Palm Beaches offers three main types of counseling – group, family, and individual. In all these different types of therapy, you’ll worked with a trained addiction therapist to work through your issues. In group therapy, you’ll discuss these issues in the presence of other addicts in recovery. This is important because you’ll be able to receive constructive feedback regarding your behaviors from people that know exactly what you’re going through. In these sessions, you might cover a wide range of topics, from relapse prevention to education to goal and progress. Family education and counseling therapy is just what it sounds like. Your family will be invited to a session so that you can all talk about the effects, causes, and treatment involved with your addiction. You family will learn what they need to do to support you during your difficult journey. In individual therapy, you’ll focus more on personal issues in a one-on-one setting with your therapist. At the beginning of treatment, you’ll focus on motivation and inspiration to stop using. However, as time progresses, your sessions will shift to help you learn tactics to stay drug-free after leaving the facility. Through the proper support system, you can work through your personal issues for a full spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical recovery. Some of the other therapies used during your treatment might be motivational interviewing or cognitive based therapy. Not everyone is 100 percent dedicated to recovery when they enroll in treatment. That’s ok, because The Watershed of the Palm Beaches uses motivational interviewing to help you find what matters most in your life and inspire you to focus on future goals after recovery. In cognitive based therapy, you’ll work with a therapist to identify the patterns of thought that have led to your undesirable, abusive behaviors. Once you’ve identified these issues, you can work on altering the thoughts that have caused you to take up drugs.


The Watershed of the Palm Beaches offers a number of individualized programs to help people get the specific care that they need. These include dual diagnosis, women’s programs, men’s programs, young adults, professionals, and family outreach. In the dual diagnosis program, you’ll be able to receive treatment for your addiction and underlying mental disorders at the same time. If you have an underlying mental issue, you might suffer from erratic mood swings, problems with intimacy, social ineptitude, or violent or uncontrollable behavior. Some examples of treatable problems include depression, anxiety, bipolar depression, and schizophrenia. The women’s program focuses on the unique issues that women addicts face in the world. You’ll be surrounded by other like-minded women who have gone through the same experiences that you have. You’ll also benefit from talking about specific topics and listening to featured speakers throughout your recovery. The men’s program is similar to the women’s program, except that it is tailored exclusively to the problems that men face when recovering addiction. Young adults are especially influential, meaning that they need special care and support when weaning themselves off of drugs. Therefore, this program focuses on patients between the ages of 18 to 30. The program relies on the philosophy that youth and entitlement are two of the biggest factors in recovery, as they can often shield a young person from the true consequences of their actions. By helping younger patients come to terms with their drug abuse and take responsibility for the reality of their actions, The Watershed of Palm Beaches lets these patients reintegrate successfully into the real world. Drug abuse isn’t limited to a certain type of person. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, and more can all fall prey to this deadly disease. The Watershed of the Palm Beaches created a professional program specifically to help these working addicts. During treatment, patients will learn ways to cope with the stresses at work so that they don’t fall back into bad habits once returning to their job. Addiction affects more than just the individual. Often, the entire family is impacted. By utilizing family therapy and getting loved ones involved in your recovery, you can increase your chances of 100 percent success.


The Watershed of the Palm Beaches employs a number of educated, knowledgeable, and caring staff members. During your stay, you might come into contact with any number of psychologists, doctors, and therapists, all of whom have one sole goal in mind – to help you overcome your addiction. Many of the people who started the Watershed program are still working as executive officers. One of these people is Christopher Crosby, the President and CEO of the company since 2004. Crosby has 30 years of experiencing working in the field of addiction treatment. Through his lifetime, he’s worked as a behavioral health technician, crisis intervention counselor, detoxification and psychiatric nurse, group psychotherapist, and interventionist. Patrick S. Kirse has also been with the company since its inception. Today, he acts as the CFO and COO and helps to manage the budget, mergers and acquisitions, and risk management of the company. Vanda Milman has over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist and currently serves as the Vice President of Clinical Services. She earned her Ph.D from Southern Illinois University and studied cognitive development, making her a perfect addition to the team. Other staff who you’ll probably have the pleasure of meeting include Dr. Mario Stefan and Dr. Raymond Waters, both of whom care for the non-psychiatric needs of all patients. Dr. Peter Theodoropoulos and Dr. Nabil Karroum are the two psychiatrists on staff, so they’ll handle all of your psychiatric illnesses and mental disorders. Other important people include Steve DeMarco as the Admissions Director, Dr. Michael Slifer as the Corporate Medical Director, Jennifer Tiech as the Program Director, Rashia Ross as the Women’s Unit Program Manager, and Elaine Gintoli as the Director of Nursing.

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