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Jeff Sessions: DOJ won’t pursue small-time marijuana cases

Jeff Sessions: DOJ won’t pursue small-time marijuana cases

The US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has said the Judicial Service Commission would no longer handle small marijuana-related cases.

Speaking during a Federalist Society event on Saturday, the AG stated that Members of the Federal Council lack enough resources needed to tackle such cases and will instead concentrate on drug cartels. “Federal prosecutors have not been working on small marijuana cases before; they are not going to be working on them right now.” Sessions said.

While addressing students at Georgetown University’s Law Center, Session did not make it clear to the public whether the drug is illegal in the country or not.

Session’s sentiments threw even more confusing to the pot legalization movement, as people from the states where the plant was legal were worried that the decision could empower federal prosecutors to prosecute them for possessing marijuana.

Us President Donald Trump’s Administration echoed Sessions’ remarks, urging prosecutors to deal with drug dealers in any part of the country when needed.

Sessions’ move comes barely three months after Session revoked the Obama-era policy which deterred federal prosecutors from pursuing marijuana vendors in states where the substance is legal. He reversed the former president’s hands-off approach, saying federal prosecutors should instead handle pot cases however they see fit. Obama administration policy allowed marijuana to flourish, with eight states decriminalizing its use for recreational purposes.

Trump, however, disclosed his prolonged concerns over Session’s Judicial work, saying he would never have appointed him if he knew Sessions would refuse to work as a judge in an investigation campaign against Russia.

Nonetheless, Session stood firm in his decision, insisting he does not regret it since he did what was expected of him after taking part in the campaign.

Sessions claims his actions were in strict compliance with the law, saying a specific regulation provides that a party involved in a campaign cannot partake in its investigation.

Columbia District is among eight States that have legalized the use of Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

Legalization of marijuana in the US has not been a walk in the park. However, Cannabis, just like heroin and LSD, is still categorized as a Schedule 1 controlled drug.