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Heroin and prescription pain medications have become the two most dangerous drugs in the country since the turn of the 21st century. For San Franciscans, rates of heroin abuse have taken an especially hard toll on individuals, as well as on communities at large. San Francisco, CA methadone clinics are there to help.

San Francisco methadone centers offer a much needed service for people who’ve fallen into the trap that opiate abuse sets. If you’re struggling with a heroin or prescription pain pill addiction, can help match you with San Francisco, CA methadone clinics that are capable of helping you break addiction’s hold on your life.

San Francisco Addiction Stats

  • Between 2010 and 2013, there were 702 reported cases of people treated for heroin-related overdose
  • From 2014 to 2015, rising rates of heroin abuse in San Francisco resulted in a 15 percent increase in the number of people seeking treatment help
  • Emergency department visits for prescription pain medications totaled 1,238 between 2011 and 2014. This equals out to a rate of 30 overdose incidents for every 100,000 people.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Whether taking opiates for treatment purposes or recreational use, the risk of abuse and developing addiction increase the longer you use the drug. Over time, opiates change the brain’s chemical makeup in dangerous ways. San Francisco, CA methadone clinics directly address these changes, which is something other forms of drug treatment don’t do.

Once a pattern of opiate abuse starts to take shape in your life, the effects of the drug have already started to change the way the brain works. When this happens, signs of opiate abuse can be seen on both a physical and mental level. Symptoms to watch for include:

  • Drug cravings
  • Growing disinterest in meeting daily obligations
  • Not being able to sleep
  • Agitation
  • Depression

Let help you identify your treatment needs and find a rehab program that works for you.

More Methadone Clinics in San Francisco

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BAART FACET Geary Street Clinic and FACET

433 Turk Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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890 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Walden House Adult Residential Program TI

1445 Chinook Court
San Francisco, CA 94130

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Substance Abuse Program

4150 Clement Street
Unit 116-E
San Francisco, CA 94121

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs Ohlhoff Women’s Residential Program

601 Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA 94127

Joe Healy Medical Detoxification Project

120 Page Street
Floors 2 and 3
San Francisco, CA 94102

Harm Reduction Therapy Center

423 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Haight Ashbury Free Clinics Inc

1735 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

BAART Behavioral Health Services Inc Market Street Clinic

1111 Market Street
1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Getting Help in San Francisco

Once addiction rears its ugly head, there’s really no difference between heroin and prescription pain meds. This accounts for why so many people transition from prescription pain pills to heroin. San Francisco, CA methadone clinics are equipped to treat both forms of chronic opiate addiction. can match you with the program that can best address your specific treatment needs.

Several San Francisco, CA methadone clinics, offers a range of treatment services with methadone medication therapy being a primary treatment approach. Methadone works to wean the brain off addictive opiates while supporting damaged brain chemical processes. Behavior-based treatment interventions are then used to help you develop the type of mindset that doesn’t need drugs to cope with daily life.

Choosing From Many San Francisco Methadone Clinics

Methadone programs vary in the types of services offered, as well as the levels of care they provide. For this reason, it’s especially important to take your particular treatment needs into account when choosing between San Francisco, CA methadone clinics.

If you have a long history of chronic opiate abuse, there’s a very real need for the type of intensive treatment care that inpatient programs provide. If you’ve just completed a traditional-type residential treatment program, but still struggle with drug cravings and withdrawal aftereffects, outpatient San Francisco, CA methadone clinics may be all you need to stay on the straight and narrow.

By choosing a program that’s right for you, you greatly increase your chances of success in recovery.

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