Can I Get Legal Help During My Addiction Treatment Program?

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Many addiction treatment centers provide legal help to patients, especially residential and inpatient facilities.

Rehab Centers and Legal Help

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, each individual patient is different, and it is very important that their treatment program caters to their needs as an addict but also those needs associated with their personal situation.

“In addition to counseling or psychotherapy, a patient may require medication, medical services, family therapy, parenting instruction, vocational rehabilitation, and/or social and legal services.” While every rehab program is different and will offer different options, it is important to be matched with the program that will best serve your needs.

If you are struggling with legal issues caused by your substance abuse, a residential or inpatient addiction treatment program will often be more likely to offer you the options you require. This is because these facilities usually have more money and can therefore offer more options to patients.

However, some outpatient treatment programs may also provide legal help. According to the National Institute of Justice, this is usually in the form of “referrals to community-based agencies that can assist with” any issues for which the treatment program itself cannot provide options.

How Can These Programs Help Me?

Depending on the facility you choose and what it is able to offer you, there may be different possibilities for your legal help and what the program may be able to provide. Generally, though, whether on-site or through a referral to another facility, you will be able to meet with someone with legal expertise who will be able to help you assess and ideally improve your situation.

In professional rehab facilities, the staff must be very knowledgeable and able to assist in different ways with a patient’s needs, so it is important to feel well taken care of. Most facilities will have a licensed lawyer or legal aid on staff who has extensive knowledge about how to best help you. In addition, these programs and those who run them will often be able to help

  • Reduce the severity of your legal problems
  • Argue on your behalf or appear in court for you
  • Explain any legal issues to you that you do not understand
  • Obtain any important information, paperwork, etc. that you will require

Legal help associated with addiction treatment will often improve your situation drastically, depending on how severe it is and what the program and its staff are able to do for you.

If you are in a serious legal battle or situation that is based on your substance abuse or otherwise making it difficult for you to improve, it is very important to seek out the help of one of these programs, as addiction treatment is meant to relate to and improve every aspect of a patient’s life as they prepare for recovery.