Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

What Is a Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment?

Last updated: 04/30/2019
Author: Medical Review

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When it comes to different types of addiction treatment, there’s one kind that’s growing in popularity across the country. Holistic addiction treatment goes beyond addiction and takes a whole person approach to recovery and living a life of sobriety.

A Whole Person Approach

The philosophy behind holistic addiction treatment is that drug and alcohol abuse does more than just impact your body, it impacts every part of you and your life, and therefore each of these parts should be addressed and healed to reach total recovery.

There’s a large focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual impacts of addiction, and learning to find balance in recovery and life after addiction.

Address Underlying Issues

Another aspect to holistic addiction recovery is the desire to uncover and address the root causes of addiction. As part of the healing process, the things that lead you down the road to addiction must be addressed and dealt with.

Without this step, healing cannot happen and relapse is more likely to occur, as the reasons behind the addiction are still present.

What to Expect in Holistic Addiction Treatment

When it comes to holistic addiction treatment, there is often traditional treatment aspects, such as motivational interviewing (MI), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and group and individual counseling, combined with more holistic approaches. These can include the following:

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

When it comes to holistic addiction treatment, it has its own unique benefits. Because holistic treatment takes a whole person approach, individuals who participate in it learn more stress reducing and self-regulation techniques compared to those who only engage in traditional addiction treatments.

Those who participate also report less tension, anxiety, and depression, as well as a reduction in insomnia and an improvement in overall well-being. These individuals are more likely to stay involved in the new activities, such as yoga or meditation, and reap the stress reducing benefits of them long term.

Many believe that the body can naturally heal itself if given the opportunity to do so, and many of the holistic elements included in addiction treatment are designed to promote the mind, body, and spirit to heal on their own.

This encourages individuals to take control of their lives, their recovery, and the process of healing from addiction. It’s a self-empowering philosophy and one that boosts confidence and abilities in those who engage in it.