Developing Healthy Relationships in Recovery

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When a person is going through the recovery process, maintaining healthy relationships is very important. Healthy relationships in recovery should consist of positive and healthy support from all of the people involved. It is typical for a person who goes through a recovery program for addiction, to usually come out with a whole new set of friends. These new friends can be the most positive people they have ever had relationships with in their life. Typically these relationships will last for a long period of time due to the connection they had during the weakest part of their lives.

Avoiding former negative influences and people, could help prevent the addiction from recurring again. When the person is able to develop a positive group of friends and a support group recovery can be an easier process. Creating healthy relationships in recovery can be a lifetime support and something that can grow.

Keep Recovery Priority Number 1

healthy relationships in recovery

Healthy relationships in recovery can make for a stronger future!

According to the University of Texas, the first step in developing healthy relationships in recovery is to make sure to make recovery the number one priority. Sometimes when a person is going through recovery, they may start to feel lonely. When the lonely feeling sets in, it is common for the person to seek out relationships with people that can drag them down and may take them away from their ultimate goal of recovery. Negative relationships can cause serious problems and cause the person a lot of stress throughout the process.

Take Relationships Slow

Relationships that may become intimate can happen very quickly. It is important that during the recovery process both people understand that recovery is the ultimate goal. It is wonderful to have a relationship with someone on an intimate level and to receive the feeling of being loved but sometimes this can cause deep feelings that can may cause heart break later on. If one person betrays the other person it may cause unneeded stress and this could lead to relapse. When a relationship is taken slowly there are more chances for a connection to be found and a stronger relationship to be developed.

Always Have Healthy Expectations

Addiction can cause its own set of struggles and problems so it is important for the person to have healthy expectations in their relationships during the recovery process. Healthy relationships in recovery should have open communication and honesty from both sides. One person may not understand the feelings or thoughts behind the person going through recovery. They may not understand how to communicate their problems with the other person in the most proper and healthy way. When healthy expectations are set in place upfront there will be fewer chances to become hurt.

Know When To Walk Away

When a person is going through the recovery process and having issues handling relationship problems it may be the best to simply walk away altogether. Walking away from the relationship can save the person from unwanted stress and future problems. When a person continues to deal with this stress they have a greater chance of relapse. This tip can be avoided if the above tips were set in place from the beginning and an understanding was met.