Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

You’re an Addict: How to Tell if Someone is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

According the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction is a treatable disease. Looking at someone that you love and wondering whether or not they are addicted to drugs is a terrible feeling. If you have that feeling there are ways to tell if they are addicted to drugs or not.

Do they Crave Drugs?

If you see them shaking, sweating, or wondering when they will get their next fix, they are probably craving drugs. Craving drugs is a sure sign of addiction.

Do they Lie to Get Drugs?

If someone lies to you or to a doctor to get drugs, it usually means that they are worried about running out or going into withdrawal. People begin to lie when they start using drugs. It is one of the key characteristics of drug use.

Have they Ever Taken One Drug to Stop the Effects of the Other?

If you watch them take a pain killer to stop the effects of alcohol or take a stimulant to counteract the effects of a depressant or a crash the night before, chances are you are dealing with an addiction.

Have they Ever Been Arrested or Jailed Due to their Drugs?

Being arrested because they use drugs is a sure sign of addiction. When you cannot control your drug or alcohol use any more and wind up doing something foolish like driving under the influence it is a good sign of addiction.

Do they Make Life Unhappy Because of the Drugs?

Sometimes drug addicts ruin their family life to stay on the drug. Watching someone destroy themselves in this way is a sign that the addiction is going too far.

Have they Recently Changed Friends?

Changes in friends and relations is a good way to know that someone is using drugs. People who have an addiction drop their friends who do not use the drugs. Their friends will change to people who do use them.

Do they Keep Changing Jobs?

When someone changes jobs or gets fired frequently from menial jobs it is a good sign of addiction. Frequent job changes or being unable to hold a job is a good sign that their drug use is interfering with their life.

Do they Continue to Use the Drug Despite the Bad Things that Happen?

Continuing something even though it is bad for you and you suffer negative consequences is the definition of addiction.

Are they Abusive?

Some people when they use drugs become abusive to their friends and family. Like sudden changes in behavior this is a sure sign of addiction.

Do they Worry About Running Out of Drugs?

If they continuously worry about the drugs and where they are getting the drugs, they probably are addicted to them.