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New York Rehab Centers

New York is one of the most notable cities in the United States. However, often overlooked is the State of New York, which offers visitors the opportunity for many adventures. New York has a rich history as one of the original colonies. The state clearly embraces the idea of freedom. Visitors can take a mountain vacation to the Adirondacks or visit the seaside at Brighton Beach. Covered bridges dot the landscape, begging for artists to capture the scenery with a stroke of a brush or pen. New York represents the picturesque land of liberty. This freedom is squashed by the chains of addiction that plague this great state. With over 19 million residents, individuals and families throughout this grand state are affected daily.

While all substances are a problem, New York is fighting the battle of a rise in opioid abuse like every other state in the Union. In 2015, the Department of Health issued a report citing that over 47,000 people died from opioid overdose or poisoning. With a sharp rise in heroin addiction, the CDC has scrambled to provide first responders with proper training in recognizing and treating overdose. New York has one of the highest drug related death tolls in the United States. With health agencies focused on the rise in opiate abuse, state agencies still struggle to combat cocaine abuse, which remains the most markedly abused substance in New York.

Fortunately, New York has many resources to help individuals and families struggling with addiction. Medical facilities in the region are often home to the best and brightest doctors and researchers. Addiction therapies range from traditional to innovative. By reaching out for help, residents of New York can find the right program to meet unique needs.

New York Addiction Stats

  • New York saw a 20.4% rise in opioid overdose between 2014 and 2015.
  • In 2012, Governor Cuomo signed the Prescription Drug Reform Act to address the growing opioid abuse epidemic.
  • Approximately 12% of New Yorkers ages 12 and older experience some type of substance use disorder.
  • Marijuana and cocaine are among the top two substances abused in New York.
  • In 2015, nearly 98,000 residents were treated for some sort of substance use disorder.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Ed., substance use disorders are classified in three levels: mild, moderate and severe. The level is determined by the overall impact on a person’s functioning. People can fall into abuse patterns with many different substances and even behaviors. Addiction virtually highjacks the brain by creating imbalances in the pain receptors and pleasure seeking areas of the brain. The following are common substances causing addiction in those who use them:

  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis
  • Alcohol
  • Stimulants
  • Hallucinogens
  • Opioids

Any of the above substances can become a serious problem. Substance use disorders are often diagnosed with habitual use or binging. It is also crucial to look at how substance use affects an individual’s ability to meet life responsibilities and whether or not a substance user experiences an inability to control the amount taken. If a substance user cannot stop taking the substance entirely, this could also indicate a substance use disorder. Addiction specialists can diagnose substance use disorders and make recommendations for appropriate courses of treatment. Featured Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Getting Help in New York

New York has faced addiction problems for years. In fact, Hollywood has glorified and immortalized the problem in numerous films.   From the endeavors of notorious crime families to the sordid tales of drug trafficking rings, The United States is facing an addiction crisis. Opioid addiction is on the rise, and people who were once strong, productive community members find themselves in the degradation and loneliness of addiction. can help you find the best New York rehab centers. Whether you are struggling with substance use that has teetered into addiction, or you are watching helplessly with a loved one trapped in the terrible cycle of abuse, our caring professionals are ready with answers. Regardless of where you reside in New York, help is available. offers resources for every area of the country. There is also a wealth of knowledge available for individuals searching for more information regarding the impact of substance abuse. Anyone suffering from addiction can describe the physical, mental and emotional consequences of continued use. Stopping the terrible cycle now is the best choice. Get the help you need from one of many New York rehab centers today.

Choosing From Many New York Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation options for residents of New York are numerous and varied. Regardless of the type of substance someone is trying to kick or the method of treatment best suited to the individual, options abound. The important thing to consider when selecting an effective treatment program is: Does it work? Choosing rehab options with the greatest success is important for anyone considering recovery for themselves or a family member.

Good rehabilitation options treat all facets of the substance use disorder. There has been much progress made in pharmacological treatments to help ease withdrawal and cravings. Evaluation by competent medical staff is important when stopping substance abuse. Mental and emotional health issues are generally co-morbid with any addiction. Treatment options for continued sobriety must include ongoing therapy for underlying conditions. Level of treatment should be considered based on whether someone is experiencing mild, moderate or severe substance use disorder.

Most of all, individuals and families must feel a sense of connectedness, compassion and commitment from their chosen providers. Addiction is devastating for families. There is still such stigma attached to the diagnosis. Thus, finding a center with professionals who listen well and look at every situation with clarity is most important.

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With so many options available in New York and throughout the United States, finding the right options for recovery from addiction can be confusing. At, professionals are standing by to help you choose the option best for you or someone you love. If you are ready to get off the sickening merry-go-round of addiction, call 800-654-0987. A new beginning is around the corner. By reaching out, you have nothing to lose except the pain and hopelessness of addiction.

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