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Florida Methadone Clinics

With miles of pristine beaches, natural swampland, and a myriad of amusement parks, Florida is a vacation spot to be remembered. Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and Sea World are all located in central Florida. Due to the tourist culture, Florida is home to thousands of friendly, helpful people. Most people who live in the Sunshine State consider it a joy to be here in the warmth and sunshine.

Unfortunately, Florida is also home to many drug dealers and traffickers. With its public and private ports it is easy to see why Florida addiction rates are high. According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the opiate problem in Florida stems from two source. These are the importation of heroin from South America and the large population of people already on prescription opiates for a variety of conditions.

If you or someone you love is addicted to opiates there is help available. Addictions.com contains all of the information you need to find a Florida methadone clinic to help you onto the road to recovery.

Florida Addiction Stats

  • Deaths from heroin in Florida are rose over 89 percent in recent years
  • Young adults ages 18 to 29 rank the highest for prescription drug addiction in Florida
  • Only 9.9 percent of the people who need addiction treatment in Florida receive it.
  • Florida overdose deaths rose 22.7 percent in recent years, most of these deaths are due to opiate overdose.
  • Although the rates have gone down, Florida once ranked among the 5 worst prescription drug addiction issues.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The signs and symptoms of opiate addiction are varied. Most people who are addicted to opiates will exhibit one or more of these once their addiction becomes more severe. Some of the most common signs of this dangerous addiction are:

  • Doctor shopping or going to see more than one doctors or frequently changing doctors to get the prescriptions that you want.
  • Making sure you have an ample supply of your opiate of choice and getting anxious if you are running low.
  • Lying or stealing to get the money for prescriptions or heroin
  • Stealing other peoples prescription drugs
  • Lying to hide your addiction
  • Missing important events so that you can get high
  • Being consistently late to school or work or changing jobs frequently
  • Track marks, usually on the inside of your arm or other places where the vein is visible

Although one of these signs might not be an indication that you have a problem with opiates, having more than one sign is. If you are showing these or any of the other major signs of addiction, there is a good chance that a methadone clinic can help end your addiction. We can help you find the Florida methadone clinic that is right for you. Addictions.com contains all of the resources you need to make sure that you succeed in your opiate addiction treatment.

Florida Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Florida

Getting help for your opiate addiction through a Florida methadone clinic is not hard once you understand the basics of methadone treatment. There are two main types of methadone addiction treatment available through most clinics.

Methadone assisted treatment is a combination of methadone and counseling. Once you are stabilized on the methadone, it helps to alleviate many of the more devastating withdrawal symptoms. When you are through withdrawal, you slowly taper off the methadone. This leaves you completely drug free.

Methadone maintenance treatment is another form of methadone treatment. It is useful when you have a chronic pain disorder. These disorders are normally the cause of your opiate addiction. Ending your opiate addiction does not end your chronic pain. You will still need a painkiller to help dull your pain and allow you to live a normal life. Methadone treats chronic pain and opiate addiction at the same time. You can treat your addiction and your chronic pain for several years on methadone.

You can end your addiction with methadone live a normal life. You just have to have the right methadone clinic and treatment program to help you. Addiction treatment must be personalized to your needs in order to be effective. We can help provide you with the answers you need to find the right clinic.

Choosing From Many Florida Methadone Clinics

Although it might seem difficult at first, finding a Florida methadone clinic does not have to be. There are a few things that you can do that will make this process easier. The first thing that you should do is speak with an addiction specialist like those available when you call Addictions.com. Our addiction specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help by providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about your addiction treatment.

Another step you can take is to sit down and be completely, brutally honest with yourself about how severe you addiction actually is. If your addiction is mild, an outpatient methadone clinic can help you. If you have a severe addiction, you might want to consider an impatient treatment solution.

Finding the correct methadone clinic that is right for you is extremely important. If the clinic does not fulfill your needs and help you reach your goals, your treatment might not be a success. We at addictions.com are dedicated to making sure that you get the treatment you deserve.

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