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5 Tips for Coping with Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety

Last updated: 09/20/2018
Author: Medical Review

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According to the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, when users who have become addicted to marijuana attempt to quit using they are often faced with symptoms of withdrawal. Most of these symptoms will reach a peak within about 72 hours following the last time that marijuana is used and will subside on their own within a week or so. However, coping with marijuana withdrawal anxiety can be both challenging and stressful for the user.

Be Patient

Remember that the anxiety that you are feeling as a result of marijuana withdrawal will likely subside within about a week so if you can be patient, and keep reminding yourself that the symptoms will not last forever, you can get through this. It can be difficult to be patient when all you can think about is how irritable and upset you are, but patience will help you come out on top of this problem.

Be Calm

Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety

Trying to stay calm, breathe, and take it slow can help you overcome withdrawal.

There are a number of steps that you can take to calm yourself down when anxiety spikes as a result of marijuana withdrawal. Consider herbal teas that provide a calming and soothing effect when you’re stressed out. You may also consider a hobby that is calming or a relaxing exercise such as meditation or yoga to help sooth yourself and overcome the anxiousness that you are feeling.

Seek Help

If you already suffered from anxiety prior to becoming addicted to marijuana then chances are you will need medication in order to fully relax and overcome the anxiousness that you are feeling. Seek help from your doctor who may prescribe Xanax or valium or another anti-anxiety medication to help ease the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal.

Seek Support

A support group can go a long way in helping you to overcome anxiety associated with marijuana withdrawal. There are many options available including online support groups, Marijuana Anonymous and other 12 step programs that provide supportive care for people just like you.

Get Active

Marijuana withdrawal will only be as bad as you allow it to be so don’t be afraid to get active. If anxiety is preventing you from feeling at ease, start exercising to both take your mind off of the symptoms and to allow yourself to relax when the exercise is done. Not only can exercise help to alleviate anxiety, it can also help to improve your sleep patterns later in the day because you actually allowed your body to become tired.

Of most importance, remember that the anxiety that you are feeling as a result of marijuana withdrawal will not kill you and it will not last forever. You can get through this!