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Treatment Options for Polydrug Abuse

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That said, polydrug abusers are treated in ways that are similar to those who have only used one substance: by attending addiction rehab and receiving a combination of medication and therapy. The medications used to treat the individual must be chosen and considered with specific attention, so as not to worsen an individual’s condition. In some studies, methadone has been found to be a potential treatment for cocaine addiction as well as for opioid use, but doctors will ensure that any medications taken for the side effects caused by either drugs will not counteract or cause issues for the patient.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is still one of the most helpful treatment options for patients in addiction recovery, and it is especially beneficial for those who have abused multiple substances. All of these instances of substance use can be addressed through one’s interactions with a single counselor during CBT, and the patient can begin to learn coping mechanisms as well as ways to avoid triggers and cravings for drugs.

In some cases, an individual may require residential care, especially if their drug abuse was incredibly severe, if they suffer from other psychological issues or mental disorders such as depression or anxiety, or if they do not have a strong social network at home. Those who have intensive medical needs may also require inpatient care in a hospital setting. However, some polydrug abusers can attend an outpatient program, as long as they can find one that suits their needs.

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