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Commonly Missed Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

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Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Most worryingly of all is more people than ever are becoming addicted to it. This white crystalline powder is bitter to taste and numbs the tongue and the lips. Whilst some people use it to perform tasks quickly, others immediately experience the exact opposite. It destroys lives and tears families apart. You need to be able to spot some of the cocaine addiction symptoms people commonly miss, if you want the tools to potentially save someone’s life.

Dilated Pupils

Cocaine addiction symptoms

Dilated pupils are common during a cocaine high.

Someone who is high on cocaine experiences a relatively short high of 15 to 30 minutes. Younger people and those who are weaker may be under the influence of cocaine for longer. One of the easiest cocaine addiction symptoms to spot is dilated pupils, yet so many miss it.

The dilated pupils only last as long as the high, though. Whilst it’s a telltale sign of cocaine abuse, this is a symptom shared with many other illicit drugs. Take this as a warning sign of a drug addiction.

Joy and Speed

The way the person acts is something you should examine closely when looking for cocaine addiction symptoms. Extreme joy is a common symptom which people miss. It’s nothing extreme, but the person will seem noticeably happy for no apparent reason. Ask them why they’re happy and the chances are they won’t have an answer. To them, it will be just a natural phase of life.

During this period of joy, they’ll also move quickly in everything they do. It’s almost like hyperactivity. Rather than just speed in actions, it will also apply to their voice. Some people have even changed the tone of their voices. People with deeper voices tend to experience this more than people with higher pitched voices.

Running Away

Watch the suspect’s behavior. The advantage of cocaine, for someone trying to spot signs of an addiction, is it only lasts for a short period of time. Someone who’s abusing cocaine will want another hit almost immediately. This will happen time and again. To refuel, they will retreat to a bathroom or other secluded location for a few minutes.

Just because someone disappears doesn’t mean to say they’re addicted to drugs, though. What you need to do is look at them again. They will have dilated pupils and their joyful state will have returned inexplicably.

Mood Changes

As already mentioned, someone who is under the influence of cocaine will become hyper and joyful for no apparent reason. Towards the end of the high, this will drop dramatically. Their mental clarity will become clouded, and they will become irritable and moody. The way to tell if this sort of mood swing is associated with cocaine addiction symptoms is the speed of the change.

Someone who is addicted to cocaine will change without warning and for no apparent reason.

Powdery Residue

Assuming you can visit their living space, look for any signs of white powder. People often pass this powder off as something perfectly fine and well, such as sugar or laundry powder. Good places to look are under the bed and beneath tables and chairs. Do this when you can to confirm, or disprove your fears.

Someone with a more severe addiction will take a hit of cocaine more regularly than a recreational user, so this is one of the cocaine addiction symptoms which will appear more often.

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