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10 Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

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Cocaine is a street drug that is very powerful and comes at a high price. There are two different forms of cocaine. One of the forms is powdered cocaine, that is also known as “coke” or “blow”. The form is called crack cocaine, this is also known as “crack” or “rock”. Either of the forms come with different and serious symptoms of cocaine addiction.

1. “Crash”

symptoms of cocaine addiction

During a cocaine “crash” users will want to sleep for a long time.

One of the most common symptoms of cocaine addiction is the “crash.” This is a process that takes place once the cocaine wears off. The addict will become very irritable and tired. Their body will be extremely tired due to all of the energy that has exerted while high. They will want to sleep for extremely long periods of time once the “crash” process has started.

2. Nasal Problems

Nasal problems are very common among a cocaine addict. Since the drug can be snorted, the drug will cause many problems in the nasal passage. They will start to have a runny nose, develop swallowing problems and can lose their sense of smell completely.

3. Paranoia

Cocaine is one of the drugs that can cause paranoia. While the person is on the drug, their brain will become confused and they will start to think everyone is out to get them. They won’t want to be in large groups or in public very often. It is common for them to want to stay home for long periods of time unless they need to go get more of the drug.

4. Skin Infections

Skin infections is one of the symptoms of cocaine addiction that can be very noticeable to the other people. Skin infections can be caused due to needle injection of the drug. The person will have sores or “track marks”. These areas can become severely infected and lead to more serious skin infections that can spread throughout the body.

5. Heart Related Problems

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, another one of the symptoms of cocaine addiction is when the person starts to have heart related problems without any family or personal health related history. Cocaine can cause tearing of the major artery and can cause a stroke. Also, if the person has high blood pressure, they are at high risk for a heart attack.

6. Dramatic Weight Loss

While a person is using cocaine, they will often have a loss of appetite. This will cause them to lose large amount of weight in a very short amount of time. When the body isn’t getting the nutrients that it needs, other major health related problems may start to occur, as well.

7. Withdrawal

Withdrawal is another one of the symptoms of cocaine addiction. The drug can cause the person to become distant from loved ones and close friends. Since the drug is causing them to think differently, they will become very depressed and not want to communicate with people who care for them.

8. Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Cocaine is also related to STD’s. Cocaine can cause the addict to think irrationally and cause them to have unprotected sex and use dirty needles. When an addict shares needles, they have a higher chance of contracting HIV than a person who doesn’t use the drug.

9. Legal Problems

Legal problems are another one of the serious symptoms of cocaine addiction. When a person is desires the drug and they are low on the funds to provide it, they will go to any distance to to get it. This is even true if it means committing a crime to get the money. The drug also can cause confusion and the person can get into a lot of trouble while high and not in the right state of mind.

10. Memory Loss

One of the worst symptoms of cocaine addiction is when it causes memory loss. Cocaine travels through the bloodstream and into the brain. The drug will interfere with the neurotransmitters and can cause serious damage to the brain, how it functions and it’s memory.