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The Honest Truth Why Addicts Lie

The Honest Truth Why Addicts Lie

Addicts often lie more than you would even imagine they could possibly lie. We all in our right minds understand that one lie can turn into two, and two can turn into four and before we know it a single lie rules the thoughts and actions of our lives quickly spiraling out of control. While we can’t say exactly why an addict will lie each time, there are some significant elements that result from addiction and which are often at the root of the lies that addicts tell. Here’s a look at the honest truth why addicts lie:

1: Covering Up Addiction

Many addicts will lie simply to maintain their addiction without anyone knowing or at least they think nobody will know. An addict will believe that the lie is “ok” because it fuels their addiction and the addiction is really what matters most.

2: Denial

Addicts lie as a result of the denial that they live in. An addict will tell a lie so that he or she does not have to face the truth. Alternatively, many addicts lie because they don’t want to allow others to feel the shame in them that they already feel in themselves as a result of their addiction. So the lie may be about being clean, or getting a job or no longer using drugs.

3: Avoidance

Loved ones often push the addict to get sober and the addict will often push the loved ones to “look the other way” with their addiction. Most will lie to avoid confrontation and so that they can continue to abuse substances without their loved ones pointing fingers or poking at them. Many become defensive and will even complain excessively about the wrongdoing of others in an effort to mask their own negative outcomes.

4: They Legitimately Believe Something

Addiction can result in so many lies that some addicts actually begin to believe the lies they tell. Many will lie and say that they are “not like the other people” or that they “can handle the drugs or alcohol better than others.” In reality, you may know that the addict is lying, but he or she may not realize that what is being said is a lie.

5: Shame Kicks In

Many addicts will lie to cover up or mask the shame, embarrassment and overall disapproval that they feel for their own actions. They may work overtime to mask the reality of their addiction in an effort to feel better but the reality is that they are in denial and the shame that they feel will only dissipate with treatment and recovery.