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There are numerous different activities or substances that someone can become addicted to. Some addictions can start off with only a curiosity or on a positive note but quickly turn into a very dangerous addiction. Here we will discuss some of the most common addictions and their recommended treatments.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a substance that is very easy for a person to get their hands on almost anytime they want. This is a legal substance for adult users to use but sadly can get into young adults and children’s hands. Only a small dose of alcohol can cause a person to become impaired and lead them into other dangerous activities.

There are different treatments that an alcoholic can get help from. One of the most popular resources is called Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a fellowship for both men and women to get help and the strength to stop drinking.


When a person smokes a cigarette they are not becoming addicted to the cigarette itself, but the nicotine that the cigarette contains. Cigarettes are another substance that is legal in America for anyone over the age of 18 to buy and smoke.

There are several different medications that a person can either get over the counter or prescribed by their family doctor, to help them quit smoking. It is also a good idea to get a quit buddy while they quit. This will give both of them the encouragement they will need from each other to quit for good.


Another common addiction is shopping. While many people believe that this is a silly joke about women and their shopping habits, it is a serious addiction for many men and women. A shopping addiction can lead to other serious problems such as hoarding. A shopping addiction is usually caused by the person trying to fill a void in their life.

There are different routes a person can take to help them with a shopping addiction. It is best for them to try to get the support first from their family and friends. Also, there are many different therapists and professional organizers that can help a person experiencing this addiction.


In many states in America, it has now became legal for someone to be able to smoke marijuana for health related problems. There are also many people that rely on this drug for non medical related issues.  Marijuana is often used for anxiety or to help a person chill out. Marijuana can be a very addicting drug that can lead a person into more illegal activities.

When a person is looking for help with their marijuana addiction problem, it is best for them to stay clear of other marijuana smokers. The person can also try individual or group therapy,  speak to their doctor about medication they may be able to help the addiction or try local support groups in their area.


There are many different people who have an sex addiction. A sex addiction is simply a person that has an progressive intimacy disorder that is characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and activities.

There are a number of different treatment programs that someone with a sex addiction can get help from. There are group and individual therapy programs, 12 step programs and medication that can be taken.

Prescription Drug

Prescription drug addiction is common for people who take prescription for pain after an accident or other health related problem. They will often start to take the drug too much and start to depend on it everyday. It has been researched that 20% of the US population has experienced a prescription drug addiction.

The best place for a person with a prescription drug addiction to go is to their doctor. The doctor that prescribed the medication needs to know that they have become addicted to the drug. They will be able to help the person overcome the addiction and help get them admitted into a drug treatment program.