How To Overcome Addiction Swapping In The Addiction Recovery Process

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Swapping addictions is common for many different types of addicts during the addiction recovery process. For example, there are many gambling addicts that attend both Gamblers Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. There are different reasons why an addict may go from one addiction to another. It all comes down to their individual needs, thoughts and feelings. Here, we are going to discuss some actions that an individual could take to lead them to a successful addiction recovery and to reduce the chances of future addictions developing.

Understanding The Addiction

The first and most important step an addict should take, is to understand their addiction. If the addict doesn’t understand their addiction, then it will become much more difficult for them to understand why they are taking part in an unhealthy habit. This addiction can lead them down an unhealthy path and cause them to develop  other addictions.

In an addict’s mind they are doing what makes them feel good at that particular time. It could be an alcoholic drink, consuming a drug, winning a bet, overeating or just buying themselves something. When the addict has learned that their habit has turned into an unhealthy and abusive habit, they may want to stop it altogether. Going into the addiction recovery process, it becomes more likely that they will pick up another addiction to fill the void.

Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts are very powerful and can help the body and brain stay focused on the ultimate goal of addiction recovery. When a person thinks positively, it will impact the way they experience the world. There are different daily exercises that a person can take part in to help with positive thoughts during the recovery process. One of the most popular daily exercises is to replace overwhelming negative thoughts with positive thoughts or affirmations. When doing this, the person will be able to replace their negative thoughts and urges to move on to another unhealthy addiction with a brighter outlook.


Exercise provides a sensory experience that sends pleasure signals to the brain. When an addict is trying to overcome one addiction, the feelings they once received are no longer sending the pleasure signals to their brain. This can lead the person to adopt another unhealthy addiction. Balanced exercise is a great alternative for a person going through the recovery process. Exercise, when done in balance, can deliver a feel good signal to the brain and may also give a person a physical likeness to their own body. Exercise is a very common method of treatment in most rehab and addiction treatment centers.

Passion Turned Into A Hobby

When an addict is able to find their passion in life and turn it into a hobby, they will start to fill all of the voids that their addiction was once filling. When going through addiction treatment or counseling, addicts will be asked about their passions. in an attempt by the counselor to determine what makes the person feel good and happy without using drugs or excessive habitual behaviors. Finding what makes the person tick can lead to a positive and more fulfilling lifestyle. The passion can be something small like crafts or very big such as extreme sports. Extreme sports are common for people who need to fulfill their adrenaline needs. It is important to make sure the hobby is something safe, healthy and enjoyed by the person.