Sex Addiction Test

Reading Time: 3 minutes

  • 20 Question quiz helps to define signs and symptoms of sex addiction.
  • What to do if you are exhibiting signs of sex addiction.
  • Where to find help.

People who suffer from sex addiction often answer yes to questions pertaining to whether or not they have taken part in risk sexual behavior or whether sex has ever caused serious problems in their lives. A simple 20 question quiz can help you to better understand whether you may be showing signs or symptoms of sex addiction or not. While no test can ever take the place of a formal treatment professional making a diagnosis, if you answer yes to more than a couple of the following questions pertaining to sexual addiction and behavior you should consider seeking further help.

Sex addiction test

Ask yourself these 20 questions to see if you’re a sex addict.

  1. Do you frequently engage in sexual activity with more than one partner?
  2. Do you engage in sexual activity with more partners than intended?
  3. Do you think of sex as a way to determine what activities you are involved in or do you choose what to do based on whether or not sex will be involved?
  4. Do you have a desire to stop taking part in certain sexual behaviors or activities but despite your desire you cannot stop?
  5. Do you spend a considerable amount of time pursuing sexual activities, taking part in sexual activities or thinking about sex? This includes watching pornography, masturbating or otherwise being involved in sexually explicit behaviors.
  6. Do you take part in risky sexual behavior despite the known consequences that can occur?
  7. Do you frequently engage in sexual activity that places you at risk?
  8. Has the level of your sexual engagement or involvement increased in scope or frequency?
  9. Are you irritable or anxious when sex isn’t involved?
  10. Do you make frequent visits to prostitutes or sex partners despite being in a relationship?
  11. Has sex caused serious problems in your life such as legal trouble, relationship trouble or financial ruin?
  12. Do you think about sex when you should be focused on other activities or thoughts?
  13. Has sex caused disruption in your family life, social life or work routines?
  14. Does sex interfere with your obligations?
  15. Are you preoccupied with sex?
  16. Do you have persistent cravings for sex?
  17. Have you sought help for sexual addiction before?
  18. Have you escalated your sexual behaviors in a way that pose serious threats to your own health or to the health of others?
  19. If you have AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis or another STD, do you still participate in frequent unprotected sex?
  20. Has your sexual orientation or behavior resulted in serious consequences in your life?

What to do if you are Exhibiting Signs of Sex Addiction

If you answered yes to any of the above questions on this sex addiction test, it may be time to seek professional help. Answering yes to a majority of the questions on the sex addiction test should prompt you to immediately call a professional to talk about the methods of treatment, counseling and therapy that are available to help you overcome sexual addiction and get your life back on track.