Recognizing the Warning Signs of Sex Addiction

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If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to sex but are not sure, there are warning signs of sex addiction you should become aware of. Knowing these will help you decide if professional assistance is needed. The earlier you become aware of them, the less chance of embarrassment or ruined relationships.

Do You Think You Are Addicted to Sex?

The following signs of sex addiction below are commonly found in men or women who have an addiction to sex. If you or someone you know are frequently feeling or doing the same, and are having trouble staying in control then you or that person might be addicted to sex.

While it is true that some people have a stronger sex-drive than others do, there are destructive signs of sexual behavior that can be hard for a person to stop, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Here are Potential Signs of Sex Addiction:

Signs of Sex Addiction

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  • Watching porn constantly – while watching porn occasionally to add a bit of spice in a relationship is acceptable, being obsessed with watching porn frequently in ways that disrupt your day-to-day life can be a sign of a sexual addiction.
  • Seeking out sexual material to masturbate – repeatedly looking at explicit pictures, sex articles, and related material to masturbate to.
  • Demands sex – insist that your partner have sex at the moment you want, even if they are not in the mood.
  • Multiple partners – having sex with various partners to satisfy sexual urges.
  • Calling sex lines – frequent phone calls to sex lines during various times of the day.
  • Cybersex – often visiting sex chat rooms online to exchange explicit messages with others, and to stimulate sexual feelings. Many times visiting the ones with webcams.
  • Constant thoughts of sex – persistently craving sex, and finding it hard to control the urge to have sex.

How Sex Addiction Causes Problems in Personal Relationships

While the signs of sexual addiction mentioned above could lead to broken relationships, most sex addicts are discreet. They hide their porn, make phone calls to sex lines when they are alone, and masturbate in privacy. Here are signs that a sex addiction can result in a ruined relationship:

  • Sex with other partners or strangers – engaging in sex with other partners, especially without protection can bring about sexually transmitted diseases. Even protected sex will not guarantee a sexual disease cannot be transmitted. You risk infecting your wife or husband. They may never forgive you, and can be the means for them to want a divorce.
  • Family neglect – being so occupied with thoughts of sex or not being home due to “sex dates” or other sexual adventures can lead to your family feeling isolated. Especially if you do not want to participate in activities with them, and give them no information of your whereabouts.

How Sex Addiction Can Lead to Legal Problems

If the warning signs of addiction mentioned do not worry you, getting in trouble with the law is a strong indicator that the addiction to sex is serious, and help is needed.

  • Forcing sex – demanding sex, and forcing them to have sex, can result in an accusation of rape.
  • Sex with a minor – not controlling the sexual urges to the point you have sex with a minor can put you in jail.
  • Sexual harassment at work – not only can you lose your job, you can also be liable for legal actions from the company.

The signs of sexual addiction discussed so far need to be taken seriously to avoid destructive results in your life. If you or someone you know are indeed worried that there is a sexual addiction present, getting professional help is the first step to get your urges under control.