Confessions of a Sex Addict

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  • Real stories of what it’s like to have an uncontrollable sexual desire that won’t go away.
  • How sex addiction ruins relationships and takes away everything that matters.
  • What can be done to help?

It takes a lot of courage, but many male and female sex addicts confess to their uncontrollable sexual desires offering a glimpse into the true life of a sex addict. According to the US National Library of Medicine, sexual addiction takes a serious toll on both the addict and on society as a whole. Loved ones suffer, relationships are broken, disease can be spread and a world of hurt and pain may ensue—but there is help. These stories of sexual addiction are marked by a plight of fury and pain, hope and healing, relapse and recovery. Together, these stories show that while sex addiction ruins relationships & takes away everything that matters, there is hope in recovery.

What Sex Addicts are Saying About Sexual Addiction

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Time after time, sex addicts have a number of things to say about the ways that sex addiction has ruined their lives. Their stories range from implications of adultery and prostitution to risky behaviors, rape and sexual abuse. Denial and instability become a readily accepted measure of coping and dealing with sex addiction and as lies set in, relationships break, friendships are destroyed, faith is lost and trust diminishes rendering the individual hopeless, helpless and suffering in agony.

Many sex addicts report that their desire for sexual addiction is uncontrollable, undeniable and so strong that they simply have no clue how to fight the problem. Many ask, “how did I let this happen?” or, “How did it come to this?” Many don’t realize that they have a disease that is treatable and which can be asymptomatic with proper care.

What Can be Done to Help?

Sex addicts who find themselves in recovery are able to shed light on the subject offering sprigs of hope for those who are still suffering with the uncontrollable urge to act out on their sexual emotions. Stories of recovery from sex addiction often shift focus from being slaves of their disease to being masters of their recovery. Relapse is a common occurrence that must be dealt with and as with any disease, the road to recovery is long and challenging.

Counseling and behavioral therapy are the most effective means of sexual addiction treatment. CBT, one form of behavioral therapy, is often provided to help those suffering from sex addiction. This therapy combines the use of counseling and talk therapy with behavioral changes to help the addict learn how to recognize risky or compulsive behaviors and to take the necessary steps to avoid such actions or to react in a health manner that does not include compulsions.

12 step therapy programs, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, can also be very beneficial in helping to treat sexual addiction problems. Through these programs, individuals are encouraged to work with others who are also suffering from sex addiction and to provide supportive care in a phased step program in which they will talk the talk and walk the walk of recovery in everything that they do.

The reality is, sex addiction is difficult to cope with and provides many challenges in recovery but there is hope. Help is often just a phone call or a group meeting away—the confessions of recovering sex addicts point to a direction of healing, coping, learning, growing and achieving recovery that lasts.