San Jose, California Rehab Centers

As the largest city in Northern California, San Jose is no stranger to high addiction and drug abuse rates. Marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine are the top substances abused in the capital of Silicon Valley, and are produced locally or trafficked into the city from Mexico. Heroin abuse rates are also high in San Jose due to the state’s ongoing prescription opioid crisis.

San Jose, CA rehab centers can help anyone overcome addiction to any substance, including alcohol, meth, and club drugs. Use to review all your options for San Jose rehab centers, and to explore available addiction treatments.

San Jose Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be caused by spending time in environments in which drugs and alcohol are easily accessible, or with people who encourage drug use. Other common causes of drug abuse are mental health disorders, trauma, and long-term prescription drug use.

Common signs of drug abuse:

  • Decline in work or school performance
  • Lying and secretive behavior
  • Withdrawing from social activities
  • Financial or legal problems

More Rehab Centers in San Jose

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Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers San Jose

1346 The Alameda San Jose, CA

Advent Group Ministries

90 Great Oaks Boulevard San Jose, CA

ACT Consulting Services

2901 Moorpark Avenue San Jose, CA

AA En Espanol Grupo Nueva Vida

525 West Alma Avenue San Jose, CA

ARH Treatment Options

1101 South Winchester Boulevard San Jose, CA

ARH Recovery Homes Inc

1101 South Winchester Boulevard San Jose, CA

ARH Recovery Homes Inc

5970 Tennant Ave San Jose, CA USA

Amicus House Inc

466 South Buena Vista Avenue San Jose, CA

American GI Forum

2212 Quimby Road San Jose, CA

Alcoholicos Anonimos-Espanol

894 North 10th Street San Jose, CA

Alcoholicos Anonimos En Espnl

525 West Alma Avenue San Jose, CA

Crossroads Clean & Sober

5487 Judith Street San Jose, CA

Cornerstone Recovery Services

1556 Meridian Avenue San Jose, CA

Castlerock Recovery: Certified Sober Living For Men

202 South 23rd Street San Jose, CA

Camp Recovery Center

105 North Bascom Avenue San Jose, CA

Benny Mc Keown Center Co-Ed

1281 Fleming Avenue San Jose, CA

Heaven's Gate

43 South 9th Street San Jose, CA

Grupo La Nueva Luz Alcoholicos

9 South 26th Street San Jose, CA

Grupo La Fe Que Obra

114 Graham Avenue San Jose, CA

Good Samaritan Hospital: Behavioral Health

2425 Samaritan Drive San Jose, CA

Escalade Recovery Foundation

380 South 19th Street San Jose, CA

Life Choices

1157 East Taylor Street San Jose, CA

Keenan Joseph P

275 Hospital Parkway San Jose, CA

House On the Hill For Women

9505 Malech Dr San Jose, CA

House of Grace

2304 Zanker Road San Jose, CA

Projecto Primavera

614 Tully Road San Jose, CA

Primary Purpose Homes

533 Porter Lane San Jose, CA

Pathway Society Inc

102 South 11th Street San Jose, CA

OAR Center

2787 Moorpark Avenue San Jose, CA

Narcotics Anonymous

359 North 4th Street San Jose, CA

Willow Home

808 Palm Street San Jose, CA

West Coast Recovery

5669 Snell Avenue San Jose, CA

Venter Victoria

1340 Tully Road San Jose, CA

Un Paso a La Vez

640 Kings Row San Jose, CA

Recovery Connections Treatment

1723 Hamilton Avenue San Jose, CA

Kaiser Santa Teresa Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs

275 Hospital Parkway Suite 370 San Jose, CA 95119

Support Systems Homes Inc Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

264 North Morrison Avenue San Jose, CA 95126

Life Choices Treatment Services Inc

1157 East Taylor Street San Jose, CA 95112

Kaiser San Jose Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs

275 Hospital Parkway Suite 370 San Jose, CA 95119

Horizon Services Horizon South

650 South Bascom Avenue San Jose, CA 95128

Santa Clara County Dept of Alc/Drug Alexian Health Clinic

2101 Alexian Drive Suites A and B San Jose, CA 95116

Positive Progression Inc

1721 Lollie Court San Jose, CA 95124

Pathway Society Inc Mariposa Lodge

9500 Malech Road San Jose, CA 95138

New Life Recovery Centers Inc

782 Park Avenue Suite 1 San Jose, CA 95126

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Getting Help in San Jose

San Jose, CA rehab centers can help anyone achieve sobriety, including those who have tried rehab in the past, or who are struggling with severe, long-term addictions. Rehab centers in San Jose can tailor treatments specifically for you based on the services and therapies you need to successfully overcome addiction as a whole.

Our experienced drug abuse counselors are available 24/7 to help you find the best San Jose rehab center. Participate in the behavioral health program at Good Samaritan Hospital to overcome psychological causes of addiction, or attend Narcotics Anonymous support groups to learn insightful tips from other patients on how to avoid relapse.

Choosing From Many San Jose Rehab Centers

Deciding on just one rehab center for you or your loved one can be difficult when you’re also coping with substance abuse. Use these tips to help you choose the best San Jose rehab center.

  • Determine the best treatment program

    Some rehab centers use medications to help you get through detox and withdrawal, while others use natural treatments like IV vitamin therapy and exercise to relieve your symptoms. Choose a San Jose rehab center with treatments that align with your personal health practices.

  • Address co-occurring disorders

    The best San Jose, CA rehab centers will treat underlying causes of addiction such as mental health disorders, also known as co-occurring disorders. Look for nearby rehab centers that offer behavioral counseling and similar therapies to help you manage depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

  • Look for relapse prevention services

    Relapse prevention services, also known as aftercare programs, are designed to help you stay clean for life following addiction treatment. Look for San Jose rehab centers that offer ongoing relapse education, counseling, and support groups to aid you in your fight for lifelong sobriety.

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