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Richmond, California is known for Chevron, Kaiser Shipyard, and a Rosie the Riveter Museum. Unfortunately, it is also known for ultra-violence, rape, murder, and drugs. Heroin and prescription opiates are the worst substances of abuse in Richmond and all over California.

Fortunately, Richmond, CA methadone clinics are available. If you are addicted to dangerous opiates, can help you find the treatment that you need to get your life back.

Richmond Addiction Stats

  • Richmond averages between 20 to 40 people in drug and alcohol treatment or group homes at any given time.
  • Although California rates a relatively low 15th on the overdose mortality tables, it still has a wide variety of issues with overdose including those from heroin and other opiates.
  • Most overdose deaths in California are from prescription drugs or combining prescription drugs and other substances such as alcohol.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Although the causes of opiates can vary, there are some very common ones. These causes are:

  • Physical injury, illness, or trauma
  • Mental illness
  • Stress at home, school, or work
  • Pressure from family or friends

Each of these is a contributing factor to developing an opiate addiction. Although not all people experiencing these situations develop an opiate addiction, they make it far more likely.

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Getting Help in Richmond

When you are addicted to heroin and other opiates, it can destroy your life. Not only do you have the risk of serious health issues caused by the opiate, you also run the risk of overdose. It gradually becomes all you want and all you want to do. This is why seeking the help of one of the Richmond, CA methadone clinics is imperative. We can help you find the methadone clinic that is right for you by giving you all of the information about addiction, treatment, and methadone that you need. All you have to do is reach out to us.

Choosing From Many Richmond Methadone Clinics

Each methadone clinic is a bit different and choosing the right one for your needs is the only way that you will get the treatment that you need. In order to find the right methadone clinic, you should think about what you need out of treatment. If you need treatment for both chronic pain and addiction, a methadone maintenance program is right for you. If you simply need addiction treatment, then a methadone assisted treatment program might be better. For more information on the different forms of treatment and the different Richmond, CA methadone clinics, contact us at

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