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Substance abuse problems in Winston-Salem cost the city thousands in hospitalization and incarceration fees, and continue to drive drug overdose deaths year after year. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Winston-Salem, followed by prescription opioid abuse — which in turn, is driving heroin use across the city.

Winston-Salem, NC detox centers use treatments that can help any local resident overcome alcohol and drug dependency. Most detox treatments in Winston-Salem involve the use of medications that can greatly reduce or eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Winston Salem Addiction Stats

  • Alcohol, heroin, and prescription painkillers are the most commonly abused substances in Winston-Salem.
  • Prescription opioids including codeine, oxycodone, and illicit drug heroin cause the majority of drug overdose deaths in Winston-Salem.
  • Roughly 4% of Winston-Salem residents die from alcohol-related auto accidents every year.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be caused by family genetics, peer pressure, and from spending lots of time in environments with regular access to drugs and alcohol. Drug abuse is sometimes unintentional, and can be caused by developing a tolerance to certain prescription drugs that carry a high risk for addiction.

Physical signs of drug abuse:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tearing, watery eyes
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain

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Insight Human Services

665 West 4th Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101

Addiction Recovery Care Association

1931 Union Cross Road
Winston Salem, NC 27107

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Getting Help in Winston Salem

Winston-Salem, NC detox centers can safely and comfortably guide you through withdrawal with a lowered risk for health complications such as seizures and psychosis. Detox centers will customize treatments just for you based on your addiction type and unique, personal struggle with addiction. Avoid suffering heroin cravings and withdrawal symptoms using medication-assisted treatment at Insight Human Services, or recover from alcohol abuse surrounded by caring nursing staff at Addiction Recovery Care Association.

Choosing From Many Winston Salem Detox Centers

Narrowing down your treatment options can be tough when you’re also suffering from addiction. Use these tips when researching Winston-Salem, NC detox centers.

  • Look for counseling services

    Detox helps you overcome physical dependency on substances, but doesn’t necessarily address underlying psychological causes of addiction. Search for Winston-Salem detox centers that offer behavioral counseling, group counseling, and similar therapies aimed at helping you overcome addiction as a whole.

  • Ask about detox methods

    Detox can sometimes cause pain and discomfort — especially for those overcoming a severe and/or long-term addiction. Ask Winston-Salem, NC detox centers how their detox methods work, and whether they can relieve pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal.

  • Research available amenities

    Each detox center offers its own unique amenities and services, such as wilderness therapy, gourmet meals, and daily housekeeping. Look for Winston-Salem, NC detox centers that offer all the accommodations you need to feel safe, comfortable, and excited about your recovery from addiction.

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