Will my Doctor Force me into Drug Rehab if I tell him that I am an addict?

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If you tell your doctor that you are an addict, he or she will try to help you find treatment. They are not usually in the practice of forcing people into drug rehab. He or she will however, recommend different treatment methods or a clinic to help you overcome your addiction. Doctors are there to help and truthfully, if they forced people into treatment, many people would not disclose their addictions and therefore never get treatment for it. It is important to tell your doctor everything about your addiction so they can help.

Situations where you can Be Forced into Treatment

There are only a few situations where you might be forced into a drug rehab against your will. Many states have laws regarding the involuntary commitment of people, even addicts. These rules are very strict and usually it takes quite a bit to force someone into any kind of treatment. Some of these situations are:

  • You are at harm to yourself or others. If the doctor believes you are suicidal or homicidal then they may send you to a psychiatric facility.
  • In many states if three people who know you well think that you are a danger to yourself, you might be committed.
  • If a police officer witnesses behavior that is either harmful to yourself or others or is unlawful, they might arrest or commit you.

These generally are the only three instances that a doctor or other person can force you into a rehab or a psychiatric facility. Most areas have a 72 hour hold that allows someone who thinks you will hurt yourself to keep you for 72 hours or until you prove you are okay. It is very rare that they force anyone into a rehab facility unless there is imminent danger.

Treatment Options

The doctor might recommend any of a wide number of treatments after you confess your addiction. The type and style of treatment is generally your choice. Most doctors would rather counsel you on going to treatment than try and force you to go. Some of these treatments will depend on your addiction while others depend on the style of care you want. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some of these treatments are:

These therapies and treatments are meant to suit an individual’s needs. Although they are not usually mandatory, the doctor might strongly suggest you seek help in one of these places. Most places cater to different types of addiction and different types of treatment.

Doctors often recommend specific types of treatment depending on the addiction that you suffer. He might even strongly recommend treatment or a treatment center.