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5 Most Common Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

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For many people it isn’t easy to tell if their drinking has crossed the line from being social to a serious drinking problem. There are several different alcohol addiction symptoms that can be caused due to a drinking problem.  According to the US National Library of Medicine, it is common for a alcoholic to deny their drinking habits and want to lie about them. They may prefer to only drink by themselves and not let anyone know about their drinking problem. This is very common for people who live alone and don’t have families they must come home to after work or other activities that they do during the day.

1. Neglecting Responsibilities

One of the major alcohol addiction symptoms is when the alcoholic is neglecting their responsibilities. These responsibilities can be at work, home or school. It is common for the alcoholic to start to perform in these responsibilities very poorly. They will often start to neglect the people in their lives and not giving them attention that they need. Sometimes when the addiction has become severe they will start breaking promises and not going through with commitments that they make, due to being hung over.

2. Repeated Legal Problems

alcohol addiction symptoms

Legal issues are a common consequence of alcoholism.

Legal problems can be one of the many  alcohol addiction symptoms that an alcoholic can encounter. This can be due to them driving while under the influence or when they are drunk and start to act disorderly. They may start to get serious legal and DMV problems and fees, due to driving while under the influence of alcohol.  Alcohol can cause the person to think they are tougher than they actually are and this can cause them to make decisions that they wouldn’t typically make when they are sober.

3. Drinking To De-Stress

When a person starts to drink to relax and self soothe themselves, it can be one of the major alcohol addiction symptoms. This is common for an alcoholic to want to come home after a very stressful day and want to drink to get their problems off of their mind. They may also want to drink alcohol after an argument with a loved one or another person. The alcohol will often relax them and make the problem they are having, drift away temporary.

4. Depression

Depression is another one of the most serious alcohol addiction symptoms. While depression come from other psychological disorders, depression can be caused due to being an alcoholic. On top of being depressed, the person maybe become very angry, irritable, deal with insomnia and have major anxiety issues. In some more severe issues with alcohol, the person can experience withdrawal and hallucinations.

5. Relationship Problems

Relationship problems is one of the alcohol addiction symptoms that can be developed between the alcoholic and their loved ones. Often the person will become very angry over thing that didn’t once seem that serious. They may become very violent and start to mentally and physically abuse their spouse and children while they are under the influence of alcohol. While they are drunk they may not know how bad they are actually hurting the people close to them and will often become very sorry once they are sober. This can cause a lot of pain, hate, resentment and distrust between the alcoholic and their loved ones.

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