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10 Hidden Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

Reading Time: 3 minutes

People with an alcohol problem may go to great lengths to make sure they are hiding their addiction. There are many different alcohol addiction symptoms that you should look for when you expect your loved one is abusing alcohol and trying to hide it from you and other people. There can be many different reasons why the person will want to hide it from you. One reason may be that they may already know they have the problem and they are not ready to deal with it.

1. Sickness With No Reason

After a person drinks a lot of alcohol they can have a major hang over the next morning. The hangover many only be a bad headache but it can also include vomiting and body aches. They may want to deny that it is a hangover and say they ate something that has upset their stomach.

2. Paranoid

According to the US National Library of Medicine, often when a person is trying to hide their alcohol problem, they will become paranoid. This is one of the most common alcohol addiction symptoms. They will start to shy away from answering too many questions and question you for asking them so many questions.

3. Storytelling

When an alcoholic has something to hide, they may often start to lie about where they were or what they did. For example, if they were at the bar drinking, they may tell you they were stuck in a lot of traffic due to a huge car accident on their way from work.

4. Watered Down Liquor Bottles

One of the easiest alcohol addiction symptoms to catch is when the liquor bottles have been watered down. They don’t want you or other people to know how much they actually consumed when they drank last. This is more common in clear liquors since it is hard to tell the difference between the liquor and water.

5. Financial Issues

Drinking alcohol often can be very expensive. They may start becoming short of cash and not be able pay their bills and keep up other financial responsibilities. They may start to ask friends and family for loans to help them get by.

6. Spending More Time Alone

Spending time alone is another one of the alcohol addiction symptoms that is common among alcoholics. They will want to spend time alone so no one will see how much they are actually drinking. They may start to isolate themselves from people they once enjoyed spending time with.

7. Bathroom Time

When a person is out drinking with friends, they will often get another drink and take it to the bathroom. This is common for people who still want to be social while they drink but don’t want their friends to actually see how much they are drinking.

8. Hiding Spots

When looking around their house, you may run across random places where alcohol bottles are placed. These are the hiding spots for the person abusing the drink. This is one of the most common alcohol addiction symptoms that can occur. They may lie about the hiding spot if you bring it to their attention.

9. Gum Chewers

Gum chewing is another sign of an alcohol addiction problem. Alcohol has a smell to it and will be on the person’s breath. They will want to cover it up after they have drank a lot of alcohol.

10. Long Distance Adventures

Another one of the alcohol addiction symptoms is when the person is taking long distance trips late at night. Alcoholics that don’t want to be discovered won’t want to buy alcohol from places that may be seen and known. It is also common for them drink the alcohol on their way home from the store.