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Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin with a population of approximately 600,000. The city is situated on the shore of Lake Michigan with the Menomonee, Kinnickinnic and Milwaukee Rivers bordering, as well. The city has museums, theatres and various cultural events for residents and visitors. As a strong port city, the area supports transit of different goods. Various manufacturing companies in the area make strong use of the ports and support the economy. However, Milwaukee is most famous for its breweries. Home to the Milwaukee Brewery, beer production provides frosty beverages to much of the United States.

Like most large cities across the U.S., Milwaukee is clutched in the claws of the opioid epidemic. While alcohol abuse remains the most common problem, the city struggles with a rise in criminal activity directly related to illicit drug trafficking and drug addiction. Opioid related overdose is also on the rise, prompting legislators to not only make naloxone available to first responders, but to make the drug readily available in local grocery stores without a prescription to combat overdose.

For those battling heroin addiction, the struggle to quit is difficult, but not impossible. Trapped in the cycle of getting high, craving and using to avoid sickness is no way to live. Milwaukee, WI methadone clinics are located throughout the city to help. At, we can provide helpful support to develop a personalized recovery pathway for you or your loved one.

Milwaukee Addiction Stats

  • In 2015, 873 people died of drug overdose.
  • People who become addicted to prescription opioids have turned to heroin as a cheap, readily available substitute.
  • In 2016, over 9,200 burglaries and robberies occurred in Milwaukee.



Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

It is difficult to imagine exactly how smart, loving, professional people can become addicted to heroin. Addiction has been shown to be genetic in some instances. However, anyone can fall into addictive patterns and become addicted to substances. Often, with opioids, substance use disorder begins innocently with a doctor’s prescription. Opiate drugs are prescribed for injury, illness and recovery from surgery. Sometimes dependence can develop and with overuse, the brain develops a tolerance. Look for the following to determine if you or a loved one has fallen into an addictive pattern:

  • Development of a tolerance
  • Requiring more substance to receive a desired effect
  • Obsessive thinking about when the next “fix” is coming
  • Neglecting family or friends
  • Moodiness

Our addiction specialists can offer helpful suggestions and advice to helping with any sort of substance use disorder.

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Genesis Detoxification Center

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American Behavioral Clinic

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Getting Help in Milwaukee

When people are facing addiction, not only is the addict affected, the entire family network is thrust into dysfunction. Detoxification and removing drugs from the system altogether are the end goal. However, due to the way opioid drugs act upon the brain, medical assistance is best. Methadone treatment is one of the longest used therapies for the treatment of heroin addiction. While it is not a perfect fix, it allows patients a way out of the terrible cycle of heroin addiction. Methadone works by easing withdrawal symptoms and lessening drug cravings. This allows patients options with regard to how best to kick start their recovery.

Choosing From Many Milwaukee Methadone Clinics

If you have decided to embark on the recovery journey, searching for Milwaukee, WI methadone clinics is a great first step. There is a joyous life awaiting on the other side of addiction. While it won’t be easy, it is well worth the effort of committing to a clean and sober way of life.

  • You will be able to sleep through the night.
  • Your mind will not be consumed with thoughts of drugs.
  • Your respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems will heal.
  • Your family relationships will steadily improve.

These promises and so many more will be hard-earned as you or a family member embraces a new, drug-free way of life.

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