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Opiate abuse rates in the U. S. continue to rise as more and more people become exposed to the harmful effects of prescription pain relievers. From there, the crossover to heroin abuse becomes that much easier. Residents of Wichita have likewise seen how rates of opiate abuse destroy individual lives and families. Wichita, KS methadone clinics offer a way out of the madness that opiate addiction brings.

Wichita, KS methadone clinics tailor their treatment approach to deal with the types of problems that come with chronic opiate addiction. At Addictions.com, we work with Wichita methadone programs across the state and can help you get started in recovery.

Wichita Addiction Stats

  • The Wichita metropolitan area contains two major drug transportation routes that allow for transport from the Southwest region
  • Heroin-related overdose deaths saw a 600 percent increase between the years 2011 and 2015
  • The number of pain pill prescriptions written in 2013 for Wichita residents make up over 20 percent of all prescriptions written for the state of Kansas


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Whether you’re taking pain pills for treatment purposes or using opiates on a recreational basis, using these drugs in excess opens the door for opiate abuse behaviors to develop. With each drug dose, opiates alter critical chemical processes in the brain. After weeks of opiate abuse, the brain no longer functions as it should.

Signs of opiate abuse develop in response to these changes and produce both physical and psychological symptoms. Symptoms to watch for include:

Wichita, KS methadone clinics can help you break the opiate abuse cycle through their use of methadone as a treatment drug.

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Wichita Treatment Center

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Stop Program East Location

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Wichita, KS 67207

Addiction Specialists of Kansas Inc

650 North Carriage Parkway
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Getting Help in Wichita

The effects of addiction can make the idea of getting treatment help seem unnecessary, and even silly. Addiction breeds its own belief systems, motivations and priorities, all of which work to keep you focused on getting and using the drug. Wichita, KS methadone clinics employ a regimen of behavior-based treatment interventions, which are designed to help you break addiction’s hold on your thinking and behavior.

Behavior-based treatment interventions help you identify areas where addiction-based influences are strongest in your life. From there, you develop the types of coping skills that enable you to live daily life on a drug-free basis.

Let Addictions.com help you take the first step towards finding a program that’s right for you.

Choosing From Many Wichita Methadone Clinics

When deciding between Wichita, KS methadone clinics, your current treatment needs should dictate which type of program you choose. Program types vary based on treatment type and treatment intensity.

Program types from which to choose include:

  • Detox programs
  • Inpatient programs, which offer the most intensive level of care
  • Residential programs, such as the Wichita Treatment Center Methadone Clinic
  • Outpatient programs, which offer the least intensive level of care

Ultimately, where you’re at in the recovery process should guide your decision making when choosing between Wichita, KS methadone clinics.

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