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“The City of Five Seasons” is the nickname of beautiful Cedar Rapids, IA.  With a thriving arts community, the city is a lure to visitors and offers year-round family fun for residents.  Situated with the Cedar River flowing through its borders, the river provides transport and outdoor sporting adventures.  However, in 2008 and 2016, the area was hit hard by flooding of the Cedar River.  Between the two floods, approximately 6,300 properties were affected.  In 2015, the city began making improvements to the levee system; however, the building was not complete in 2016.  Student volunteers, residents and National Guard troops banned together to filled sandbags to protect their city.

This type of camaraderie epitomizes the spirit of Cedar Rapids.  People care for one another here.  Thus, the nationwide opioid epidemic has been a concern that officials have worked preemptively to address.  As of 2014, Iowa claims the 2nd lowest rate of illicit drug use in the nation.  With this type of data, it might seem silly to exert time and energy to combat the problem.  Assuredly, many Iowans may feel that opioid epidemic is a problem for other areas of the country.

However, if you or a loved one is facing the very serious disease of heroin addiction, you realize the problem can strike anyone at any time.  With the rise in prescription opioid abuse, people often turn to heroin as a solution if pill prescriptions can no longer be accessed.  There are numerous healthcare facilities that can help patients overcome heroin addiction, including Cedar Rapids, IA methadone clinics. At Addictions.com, our goal is to put you in touch with specific resources to meet your individual needs.

Cedar Rapids Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Usually beginning with a prescription of narcotics for pain relief, people with a predisposition for addiction can be particularly at risk for drug-liking and dependency.  When prescription opiates become too difficult to obtain, people often turn to heroin to satisfy the craving.  If you or someone you love has fallen into opiate addiction, there are certain signs and symptoms to look for:

  • Has a tolerance to a specific substance developed?
  • Are withdrawal symptoms present when the drug is not in use?
  • Have other health issues arisen like weight change, digestive issues, mental changes, etc.?

If you or a loved one answers yes to any of these questions, our counselors can offer understanding and specific advice about your circumstance.  There are endless resources to help someone struggling with substance addiction, so there is no need to continue suffering alone

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Getting Help in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, IA methadone clinics offer treatment plans, and may collaborate with other agencies in the area.  Having emotional support for recovering addicts and affected family members is critical for long-term success. Methadone is used as a way to gradually wean heroin abusers off of the narcotics, lessening the effects of the extremely harsh withdrawal symptoms. At Addictions.com, we can pool resources and reveal options that you may not have considered.

Choosing From Many Cedar Rapids Methadone Clinics

Reaching out to Cedar Rapids, IA methadone clinics is the first step in the right direction in your search for a healthier, more fulfilling life. Here are a few things you can look forward to in a clean, drug-free life:

  • A sense of ease from worry and fear of being caught.
  • Regaining trust of family and friends.
  • A return of physical health.

Sometimes with the darkness of addiction consuming your every thought, it’s hard to see the sunlight of hope awaiting just around the corner.

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