Should Lortab Addiction Treatment Take Place in an Inpatient Center?

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It is not always necessary for an individual to receive Lortab addiction treatment in an inpatient center. However, in some instances, this can be a beneficial option for recovery.

How Severe Is Lortab Addiction?

Lortab is a brand name medication that contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen (National Library of Medicine). The medication is most often used to treat pain, and the former ingredient is the drug that causes addiction if abused. Hydrocodone, a strong opioid pain reliever, can create intense euphoria if taken in high doses, which will eventually become addictive.

Lortab addiction can be dangerous, and for those who abuse it, the effects of the drug can be severe. One of the most serious outcomes of opioid abuse is its ability to cause overdose.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

If you suffer from additional psychological disorders, you should attend inpatient care.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Even a single large dose can cause severe respiratory depression and death.” Therefore, it is important for someone who is addicted to Lortab to seek professional care.

However, many people can recover from opioid abuse and addiction in outpatient treatment. Since these drugs do not usually cause psychotic effects or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, those who have strong social support systems, jobs, and other responsibilities that would keep them on track during their recoveries usually can be treated in a less intensive program. However, there are some instances where inpatient care is a better option for certain individuals recovering from Lortab addiction.

Is Inpatient Care Ever Necessary for Lortab Addicts?

According to the medical journal Psychiatric Quarterly, there are two main aspects of a person’s situation that may cause them to require inpatient care: psychiatric issues and/or a lack of a social support system at home. While there are other issues that may make a person require inpatient care, these two can clearly influence an individual’s needs.

As stated previously, it is not likely that an individual recovering from Lortab abuse will suffer from psychotic symptoms (unless these are part of a co-occurring mental disorder, for which the individual will likely need more intensive care in the form of inpatient treatment).

However, a person can also experience depression as the result of their Lortab abuse and may be in danger if they attempt to recover in a less intensive treatment program while suffering from this disorder (NLM). Some individuals need to be in a 24-hour treatment program, especially if their depression is severe, and the constant surveillance and care can be necessary in some instances.

In addition, a person may need to attend inpatient care for Lortab addiction if they

  • Have a severe addiction and do not believe they will be able to resist the temptation to use again if they are left on their own
  • Are suffering from any other additional psychological disorders
  • Are suffering from chronic pain for which they will need pain medication and other treatments
  • Have tried other, less intensive rehab programs in the past and not been satisfied
  • Do not feel comfortable in their home or do not feel that their home life will be conducive to their recovery

Do I Need Inpatient Care for My Lortab Addiction Treatment?

You may or may not require inpatient treatment for your Lortab abuse, but it is important to consider the possibility. According to the NIDA, many people choose outpatient care for recovery because it is a cheaper option. However, if you are suffering from one or more of the issues listed above, it could be much safer for you to choose inpatient care.

If you do believe an outpatient program should be able to cater to all your most important needs, though, it could be a beneficial option as well. It is always important to consider your needs when attempting to find a rehab program that will benefit you and to make sure that the specific facility you choose can cater to them.