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Situated where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers meet to form the Ohio River, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has an unusual terrain that has led to the development of many unique neighborhoods, each with its own individual appeal. However, despite the rich history and diversity offered here, Pittsburgh’s 2.4 million people still struggle against a range of problems stemming from drug and alcohol abuse.

If you or someone you love has personal experience with the pain of addiction, find hope through treatment at one of the many excellent Pittsburgh detox centers ready to help. Addictions.com can ensure that you are fully informed about your options, guiding you to the best place for your recovery.

Pittsburgh Addiction Stats

  • 281,000 people 12 or older in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area report using illicit drugs in the past year
  • 25.6% of individuals age 12 or older report binge drinking at least once in the past month
  • Pittsburgh’s rate of binge drinking is higher than the national average
  • 42,000 Pennsylvania adolescents report recreational use of prescription medications in the past year
  • 717,000 people across the state report a problem with alcohol abuse


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

If you love someone who has started to exhibit uncharacteristic behavior and neglect their appearance, and/or has become apathetic towards family, school, and/or work responsibilities, they may have a substance abuse problem.

But how did the problem begin? There are a wide array of reasons why a person might use drugs for the first time. Some of the most common are:

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VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Center for Trt of Addictive Disorders

University Drive
Building 29
Pittsburgh, PA 15240

Center for Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Services WPIC

3501 Forbes Avenue
9th Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Getting Help in Pittsburgh

Addicts in Pittsburgh suffer profound consequences due to addiction, much like addicts elsewhere in the country. They also don’t suffer alone. Friends, family, and communities all deal with the consequences of substance abuse, from neglected children to drug-related crime.

The path to healing for everyone, from the individual to the community, lies in effective rehabilitative treatment at one of the many Pittsburgh detox centers waiting to help. Addictions.com wants to guide you to that treatment by providing comprehensive information and compassionate advice. We can connect you to the ideal addiction treatment for your unique situation.

Choosing From Many Pittsburgh Detox Centers

As you sort through the many available Pittsburgh detox centers, you will need to follow three simple steps: do your research, ask for support, and choose bravely.

  1. Do your research- Look into a wide range of Pittsburgh detox centers to give yourself as many options as possible. Find out what kinds of treatment programs they offer, and research any philosophies and therapies you come across so that you develop a thorough understanding of what each facility is about.
  2. Ask for support- Your loved ones might not know much about substance abuse treatment, but having their support even before you officially start your recovery can make a big difference to your state of mind. Ask for their feedback on your list of Pittsburgh detox centers—they might be able to see some advantages and disadvantages that you can’t.
  3. Choose bravely- After you research Pittsburgh detox centers and the various kinds of treatment provided, be brave enough to choose the best option for you. For example, the thought of checking into a residential facility may scare you a little, but if a 24/7 immersion in recovery treatment is what you need to get healthy, then you shouldn’t chicken out and try to detox at an outpatient program.

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