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There is plenty of great shopping at the Dayton Mall, Austin Landing, the Fairfield Commons, and The Greene. But, Dayton residents who are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol often lack the financial stability needed for a fun shopping trip. They dedicate much of their money to procuring substances to use, and they compromise their job security and earning potential by being intoxicated regularly. Addiction is a crippling disease, but there is help.

If you or a person you love are ready to get help from a rehab facility, your first step will be completing detoxification. was founded to help people determine the ideal facility for their needs. To help you, we have compiled information on Dayton, OH detox centers. We would like to work with you to find the perfect one for your specific situation.

Dayton Addiction Stats

  • In 2015, University of Dayton issued 871 citations for inappropriate alcohol use and resulting behaviors; this was the second highest number in the state
  • In 2014, study participants reported a decrease in the availability of Suboxone, but law enforcement and treatment providers reported an increase in availability over the prior six months
  • Between November 2013 and January 2014, there were 23 suspected heroin deaths and eight included fentanyl
  • There were 355 fatal overdoses in Montgomery County in 2016
  • In Dayton, specifically, there were 167


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Each person who abuses drugs was caused to do so by a combination of factors. There isn’t a single one that is applicable in all situations. It’s very common for people to begin using drugs as a way of managing something in their life, like a mental illness, sleep, or trauma response.

There are also a variety of signs of drug abuse. In the early stages, the signs are typically the physical symptoms of sue, which relate to the drug being used and therefore differ between users. As a dependence develops and the drug abuse becomes habitual, you will notice a change in behavior. Social circles change, as do sleeping patterns and eating habits.

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Project CURE

1800 North James H McGee Boulevard
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Dayton VA Medical Center

4100 West 3rd Street
Dayton, OH 45428

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Getting Help in Dayton

Many people in Dayton are dealing with addiction to drugs and alcohol and believe that they need only exert their will to control the disease. This isn’t the case. You can’t quit on your own; you need professional help. Fortunately, there are a lot of great rehab options in your area.

Before you can take advantage of the services and interventions used in a professional addiction treatment facility, you need to go through detoxification. A trained and experienced staff will keep you medically stable and ease the pain of withdrawal. is founded on a desire to help people sort through their options easily. We know all about Dayton, OH detox centers; let us assist you in finding the ideal match for your situation.

Choosing From Many Dayton Detox Centers

Dayton, OH detox centers come in many forms. When sorting through them, practice self-reflection and do thorough research.

  • Talk to former detox patients

    You will not get better insight into the experience of being in a detox facility that what will be provided by a former patient. Ask friends and family who have used Dayton, OH detox centers for their input in your decision-making process.

  • Ask for support

    You don’t need to prove anything by trying to handle all of this on your own. Now is the time to tell people that you are struggling with an addiction and need support in treating it.

  • Get adequate care

    The withdrawal symptoms of some addictive substances can be lethal. Further, people with co-occurring conditions also face increased medical risks. Consider your situation carefully and make sure the Dayton, OH detox centers you consider provide the proper level of care for your situation.

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