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Westcare Inc., is a multistate treatment facility specializing in treating substance abuse and mental health disorders as well as trauma. They have facilities in many areas of the country. They have a high moral code and try very hard to live up to the organizations motto of “uplifting the human spirit.” They offer a multifaceted treatment approach to addiction and substance abuse treatment along with dual diagnosis and treatment of other mental health issues. They strive to empower individuals to heal, grow, and change.

They have three branches in south western Nevada. Of these branches, one is located at 930 North 4th Street, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This center carries the same core values and mission as the rest of the organization with detoxification, triage, and treatment being their primary focus.

This particular branch is dedicated to:

  • Assessment and evaluation of addiction
  • Detoxification services such as medical withdrawal and medically monitored detoxification
  • Family and peer education and counseling
  • Prevention services for both drug and behavioral addiction
  • Services for displaced and runaways
  • Services for inmates and those re-entering the community from incarceration
  • Services for pregnant, nursing, and post partum women
  • Services for veteran military personnel
  • Treatment for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and substance abuse

They offer these services to strengthen the overall community and people in order to promote a better way of existence. This is the principle that whole organization is based off. They believe in excellence of care and whole life improvement. They have priority for services for veterans and their families.

Westcare Nevada is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation facilities a national accreditation and monitoring agency. They keep all of the values that the primary Westcare Corporation believes in and are monitored by this umbrella corporation.

Following the National Law a special priority is provided for those who are intravenous drug users and are pregnant. This does not stop or prevent them from treating all patients who need substance abuse or behavioral care regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, age, race, religion, or socioeconomic background.

The current climate of substance abuse and addiction has created a void in communities across the United States. Westcare is committed to treating those that fall into this often deadly trap by offering a variety of treatment options. Westcare Nevada offers:

  • Education and preventative measures for substance abuse and alcohol addiction
  • Intervention services for individuals, families, and communities
  • Outpatient treatment services for those who do not have the option of residential treatment
  • Triage services for those in crisis
  • Detoxification services
  • Clinical and medical stabilization
  • Shelters, housing, and transitional services

The Westcare treatment philosophy is based off a holistic community approach. This means that they believe in treating all aspects of a person’s life. They believe that addiction is a symptom of a greater disease and only by treating the disease can you solve the addiction. This is comparable to the rat park theory of addiction treatment.

The community triage center in Nevada works to provide substance abuse and alcohol crisis intervention and stabilization services to the community. The client centered approach that they take uses a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, counselors, and case managers to stabilize their clients and provide a medically monitored detoxification and treatment program. They also provide tailored treatment, discharge, and relapse prevention plans to make a complete recovery possible for their clients.

Westcare has over 40 years of experience treating mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. They have survived by providing quality consistent care to all of their patients. They are one of the largest substance abuse and alcohol addiction providers in the United States. Each facet of their program is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the others to ensure successful long term recovery and treatment for those who need it.

Like many substance abuse treatment facilities, they take private insurance and many government insurance programs. They also offer a sliding scale payment plan for those that need it.


Although not a luxury facility, Westcare Nevada Triage offers comfortable accommodations with beds and storage spaces for personal items. They also offer three hot meals a day and recreation when not directly participating in treatment and counseling.

Their medical care during detoxification is carried out by licensed individuals and is comparable to other facilities of this type. They have a large comfortably appointed facility with room for group meetings, individual counseling sessions, exercise, and other activities.

This 50 bed facility is designed to help those in crisis and help promote a community atmosphere. They offer exercise and dietary programs for overall health and wellbeing as well as relaxation and guided meditation for mental health.


Therapy is one of the cornerstones of detoxification and addiction treatment. By using proven therapy methods Westcare Nevada provides treatment solutions to the problems of addiction and substance abuse.

Individual counseling – individual counseling is one of the most effective treatment methods. During individual counseling, you work one on one with a therapist. The therapist serves several functions. They help you discover the cause of your addiction. Addictions are borne from stress, family issues, peer pressure, poor socioeconomic status, chronic pain, self medication of mental and physical issues, and many other things. Westcare believes that by discovering and eliminating the cause, you can treat the addiction. A therapist acts as a guide to navigating the consequences of your addiction. They will help you deal with these consequences by showing you coping techniques and giving you an outlet. They can also offer ideas for reducing cravings and relapse prevention.

Group counseling – during group counseling you will have the chance to discuss and compare your experience with that of others in a controlled environment. This gives you new perspectives and insights into how you can prevent relapse. Group counseling also builds valuable relationships and connections to help with the isolation that is too common in addiction and addiction treatment. The relationships that you build in group therapy can also act as a lasting relapse prevention network.

12 Step Therapy – this program of addicts assisting other addicts has been around since the 1930s. By providing clear steps to addiction recovery and a built in support network, the 12 step form of therapy gives you an outlet even after official treatment ends. You can attend meetings several times a day or whenever you need them. 12 step therapy can last a lifetime giving you support anytime you need it to prevent a dangerous relapse.


The Nevada care center has several specialty programs for those who need them. These programs are:

Intensive outpatient and outpatient services – detoxification services, therapy, counseling, and treatment gives you the opportunity to participate in treatment and remain in school, working, or with your family. This is excellent for those who cannot leave their obligations to receive inpatient treatment.

Community Triage Center – a community triage center serves as a jumping off point for addiction treatment. They offer detoxification and stabilization services for all of those in need. In this program, your needs are assessed and while the medical staff stabilizes your condition, the treatment staff helps to coordinate continuing care and other services. They work with other agencies to develop relapse prevention and discharge plans that help you in your recovery.

Substance abuse and addiction treatment for pregnant and parenting women – this program gives pregnant women and single female parents the help that they need to get off drugs and care for their families. The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of women whose addiction is endangering their families or their unborn children. They offer a gender and family specific option for drug and alcohol treatment. This specialty comes in two forms. The first is through the outpatient program that allows women to return to their families at night and receive treatment during the day. The second is through the Healthy Families Residential Facility for Pregnant and Parenting Women.

The Healthy Families Residential Facility for Pregnant and Parenting Women is a program designed to help addicted women with both treatment and housing during treatment. It is the only program like it in Nevada and seeks to prevent drug related birth defects and help women become self sufficient and drug free.

Westcare Nevada also provides programs for veterans that help drug and alcohol addicted former service men and women deal with the trauma they faced due to military service or returning isolation. They believe in taking care of our veterans despite their addiction.

In all of these specialized programs, Westcare seeks to maintain their motto of improving a community by improving the life of the individual.


Primarily a board of directors governs Westcare and Westcare Nevada. The board consists of:

  • Derrick Boazman, Treasurer
  • James Wadhams, Chairperson
  • John Jeppsen, Chair, WestCare Nevada
  • Lynn Mapes, Emeritus Member
  • Marilyn Moran, Vice Chair, WestCare Nevada
  • Ramón Abadin, Secretary
  • William C. Porter, Vice Chair, West Region

Each board member has a background in advocacy, treatment, and community outreach which makes them uniquely qualified to help those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, particularly due to life circumstances.

The leaders of Westcare Inc. are:

  • Beverly Watts Davis , Chief Operations Officer – West Regions
  • Craig Knierim, Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Frank Scafidi, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Officer
  • Dwayne Stevens , VP-IT – Information Technology Office
  • Jeff Caudill, Sr. VP – Regional Divisions
  • Jim Hanna, Chief General Counsel
  • Ken Ortbals, Chief Financial Officer / Chief Information Officer
  • Mike Lavin, Chief of Facilities
  • Peggy Quigg, Executive Vice President
  • Richard Steinberg, President and CEO
  • Richard Jimenez, Vice President, Special Projects
  • Robert Neri, Chief Program and Services Officer \
  • Shannon Alvarez, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Tammy Collins, Sr. VP Research & Program Design – Regional Divisions

Westcare Nevada is staffed with licensed nurses, doctors, counselors, social workers, case managers, therapists, and support staff. Every member of the staff is thoroughly vetted and qualified for their individual positions and participates in continuing education to stay up to date on current treatment and treatment applications.

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