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Treatment Effectiveness 3.5
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The Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism or DCCCA is an organization that spans three states and provides a variety of addiction treatment services for men, women, and adolescents. They also have a fully qualified behavioral health treatment program that coincides with their addiction treatment. It is the parent company for First Step at Lakeview, their women’s treatment facility located at 3015 W. 31st Street in Lawrence, Kansas.

For decades, many addiction treatment facilities only catered to men, not recognizing that women were just as susceptible to alcohol and drug addiction as men. Now many treatment centers recognize that women have an equal chance for addiction but with the unique problems that women experience. DCCCA and First Step believe that women and men although equal need different styles when it comes to addiction treatment. This is why they created the women’s detoxification and residential treatment provided by First Step.

The DCCCA philosophy of treatment is one of holistic care. They believe in treating the disease of addiction as a symptom of an even larger problem. Only by solving the larger problem can you end the addiction with any hope of success without relapse. This is why they use detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, referrals for social services, referrals for domestic violence intervention, family support, parenting skills classes, mental health services, and social services to treat addiction.

The First Step at Lakeview Facility is primarily a short and long term residential facility specializing in the detoxification and treatment of women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. DCCCA does not believe that women should go through the anxiety of being separated from their children during their addiction treatment. This is why they have a child care staff that is specifically trained to deal with the children of addicts as well as services for pregnant women. The children can receive special care and even attend school. They assist mothers with parenting techniques and roll modeling in order to create a positive experience.

With ties to the community social services, they can also help women access that services they need to treat any issues that their children may have. This way the physical, educational, emotional, and psychological needs of their children are also taken care of.

First Steps at Lakeview believes that treatment does not simply stop. They have a comprehensive and complete aftercare program that helps to prevent relapse and allows for lifelong sobriety and learning.

First Steps offers treatment and detoxification for:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Amphetamine addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Methamphetamine addiction
  • Heroin and prescription opiate addiction
  • Prescription stimulant addiction
  • Prescription sedative addiction such as Xanax and valium
  • Addictions to club drugs
  • Addiction to marijuana

Although these are the main addictions they treat, they are also equipped to deal with behavioral addictions and mental health issues as well as co-occurring disorders. A co-occurring disorder is a disease or issue that happens because of or resulting in an addiction.

First Steps at Lakeview is easily accessible via Highway 10 also known as the S. Lawrence Traffic way and Highway 59. They treat Douglas County and its surrounding areas and work closely with social services and the Department of Children and Families in the area.


First Steps at Lakeview has several amenities, the most important of which is the ability to see and interact with your children while you are there. Your children are cared for by experienced childcare workers while you engage in treatment. They attend school and receive counseling themselves. This takes the worry and stress off many women who are the sole caregivers of young children so they can focus on their recovery rather than worrying about their children.

The rooms at First Steps at Lakeview are well appointed and have small storage spaces for personal belongings. There are semiprivate bathrooms as well. While you are in First Steps you and your children will receive three nutritious meals per day as well as cooking, dietary, and nutrition instruction.

Pregnant women can receive prenatal care and obstetrics visits. They receive all of the medications and other therapies for their addiction as well as parenting, prenatal, birthing, and other child oriented education.

Family involvement is a large part of the treatment program at First Steps. You can keep in contact with your family and your family is encouraged to visit you while you are in treatment. Also unlike many treatment centers, there are designated smoking areas that you can use while you are there. These areas are outdoors and smoking cessation medications and materials are given if you want to quit. Although quitting smoking is encouraged, it is not absolutely required.

First Steps also has several payment options. They take most insurances, Medicaid, and other government programs. They also have a sliding scale fee for those who can prove that they are uninsured and low income.


Therapy is one of the cornerstones of addiction treatment and detoxification. With this in mind, First Steps at Lakeview offers several types of therapy in order to help you through your recovery.

Group therapy – during group therapy, you will be able to interact with others who share similar situations as yourself. Most groups are led by a counselor and may come in different formats. One format is an open group discussion, which allows you to share your thoughts and feeling and experience their thoughts and feelings of others. This type of group can help you form lasting bonds and a support network that is interested in remaining sober and sober living. One of the other types of group therapy is through learning sessions. These are counselor led skill building classes. The type of class depends on you group and your treatment program. Some examples of classes are parenting, skill building, trust building, self esteem and self confidence help, as well as training to deal with triggers.

Individual therapy – individual therapy is a type of therapy where you work one on one with a counselor. The counselor helps you discover the cause of your addiction. Once you know the cause you can learn to create healthy outcomes. You will also learn about triggers during individual therapy. Triggers are people, places, or things, that can cause cravings once you are out of treatment. Most triggers can be eliminated or otherwise avoided but there are some situations where you will need to learn to cope with your triggers. You can do this through meditation, relaxation, and other stress and craving reduction techniques.

Family therapy – family therapy is an important part of addiction recovery. During family therapy you will learn new techniques for dealing with family problems. A counselor can also act as an intermediary for family issues that are due to your drug use. They recognize that family can be an asset when it comes to recovery.

Relapse prevention therapy – this type of therapy is designed to teach you relapse prevention techniques. Relapse is a part of recovery. If you know how to deal with the situations that might cause a relapse, it becomes easier to stick with sobriety and prevent it from happening. Relapse prevention therapy is designed to help you learn techniques to avoid a relapse situation.

All of these therapies may be combined to make a more complete individualize treatment program. They are all a part of the holistic treatment program.


First Step at Lakeview specializes in providing addiction treatment services for women and their children. They believe that residential treatment should include the children so single parents have one less worry when it comes to receiving inpatient addiction treatment. They offer childcare and child education services as well as residential services to the women in the program and their children.

They also have programs for pregnant and post partum women who need addiction treatment. During this treatment, you can receive prenatal care or treatment for the post partum symptoms you may be experiencing as well as care from a qualified OBGYN.

First Steps at Lakeview is committed to providing the best possible treatment experience for women whether or not they have children or are pregnant and suffering from addiction. They understand the unique needs of women in treatment and strive to make their recovery as smooth and long lasting as possible.

They do not discriminate based on age, religion, gender identity, or ability to pay. They take almost all women who are in need of addiction treatment services.

Some of the programs that they have available are:

  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Short term residential treatment
  • Long term residential treatment
  • Detoxification services
  • Halfway house services
  • Women and children’s residential services
  • After care services
  • Relapse prevention services

Each of these services may be combined in order to make a more complete and individualized treatment program.


The DCCCA Board of Directors runs all of the treatment centers in the DCCCA family. They are:

  • Pat Slabaugh President
  • Nikki White Vice President
  • Jeff Davis Treasurer
  • Chris Caldwell Secretary
  • Chuck Heath
  • Donna Horner-Queal
  • Dorothy Devlin, LMSW
  • Ernesto T. Hodison
  • Henry W. Buck, M.D.
  • Howard Ebmeier, Ph.D.
  • John J. Monaghan, Jr.
  • Krystal Butell
  • Morris D. Faiman, Ph.D.
  • Rodney Bishop, M.D.
  • Sheila Vander Tuig

There is also an executive leadership team that handles the majority of the day to day operations in all of the facilities and corporate offices. The executive leadership is made up of:

  • Lori Alvarado Executive Director
  • Kerye Jackson Chief Financial Officer
  • Chrissy Mayer Director of Prevention & Leadership
  • Diane Born Director of Operations & Accreditation
  • Erick Vaughn Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Janet Spring Director of Human Resources
  • Jeanette Owens Director of Children & Family Services
  • Jenn Hethcoat Director of Communication
  • Kelly Nutter Director of Oklahoma Operations
  • Norraine Wingfield Director of Traffic Safety
  • Sandra Dixon Director of Behavioral Health Services
  • Trenton Garber Director of Quality Improvement & Evaluation

The individual centers staff backs each of these individuals. All staff members are licensed or certified in their respective fields. They have doctors, nurse practitioners, counselors, therapists, case workers, case managers, social workers, educators, childcare workers, and support staff.


  1. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 3.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    I called First Step at Lakeview when I was tired of waking up in the morning and calling my dealer. The man that I spoke to was nice and explained the way that the First Step Program works. He said that I would first need to be evaluated. After the evaluation, both me and my daughter could go to the First Step Program. I wouldn’t be separated from her unless I was at counseling or in group. He seemed to know exactly where I was coming from when I explained that I was a single parent and couldn’t just leave for addiction treatment. He made me an appointment for later that very week so I could get started right away.

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