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Is Cocaine Addictive?

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When a person abuses cocaine, he or she is in danger of becoming addicted. Cocaine itself is a highly addictive drug and the more someone abuses it, the higher his or her chances become of getting addicted. Addiction to cocaine is very dangerous, but people who become addicted rarely realize how dire their situation is.

Am I Addicted to Cocaine?

Is Cocaine Addictive

Thinking about getting high all the time is a sign of cocaine addiction.

Cocaine is an addictive substance. According to the NLM, the addictiveness of the drug was underestimated in the past. But cocaine is addictive as its use often causes one to exhibit the definition of addiction: “a desire for more of the drug, despite negative consequences.” When someone becomes addicted to cocaine, this desire will be very strong. If you are beginning to wonder about whether or not you have become addicted to cocaine, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I using cocaine chronically (in large amounts and often or every day)?
  • Do I need to take cocaine to feel happy, like myself, or normal?
  • Do I crave cocaine when I’m not currently on it?
  • Do I think about cocaine all the time?
  • Have I stopped spending time and money on other things in order to spend them on doing or obtaining more cocaine?
  • Have I ever put myself in a dangerous position in order to get more cocaine?
  • Do I only like to hang out with others who do cocaine?
  • Has the euphoric high of the drug become harder to obtain with the same dose?

This final question, when answered in the affirmative, is a sign of tolerance. Tolerance builds up in a person when he or she uses the drug often, making the same dosage less and less effective. Someone who is addicted to the drug and the high it provides might begin to take more cocaine in order to feel its effects.

Am I In Danger of Cocaine Addiction?

Any time you abuse cocaine, especially chronically, you are putting yourself in danger of becoming addicted. The drug itself is highly potent and cravings become strong when you have been doing it for a while. According to the DOJ, cocaine is listed as a Schedule II drug, along with methamphetamine and PCP. “Abuse of these drugs

may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.” When you become dependent on a drug you are abusing, it is likely that addiction is not far off. If you:

  • Use cocaine every day
  • Become irritable when someone asks you about your cocaine use
  • Have become dependent on the drug to the point where you feel as if you need it

then you are in real danger of becoming addicted to cocaine.

How Do I Seek Help for Cocaine Addiction?

If you believe you are addicted or may be addicted to cocaine, seek treatment immediately. Use SAMHSA‘s treatment locator or speak to your doctor about rehab. Cocaine withdrawal is not an easy process and can sometimes leave people with cravings and depression for several months. Addiction to cocaine is hard to fight alone, and rehab centers, detox centers, and groups like Narcotics Anonymous could be helpful to you. Don’t forget to reach out to family members and friends, who most likely want to help you get back to your old self, when attempting to recover from cocaine addiction.

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