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Common Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

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No matter if you have been using cocaine on a regular basis or in binges, you will need to know what cocaine addiction symptoms you may encounter when you begin to go into cocaine withdrawal. If you are already addicted to cocaine, you have more than likely already experienced some to all of these symptoms.

The length of time it takes for the crash to happen can vary from person to person. Mostly these withdraws will last a couple hours. Most commonly it takes its toll within 24 hours. Everyone will experience different cocaine addiction symptoms, but their are some very common symptoms that most cocaine addicts will encounter.

Area Around The Nose Can Be Painful

When cocaine is inhaled through the nose, it can cause damaging effects to the nose and the surrounding areas. This can lead to loss of smell, nosebleeds, runny nose and difficulty swallowing. Inhaling cocaine through the nose is also known as snorting. This is the most common way for a cocaine addict to take this drug.

Become Violent

Violence is one of the most common cocaine addiction symptoms. It has been reported that people who inhale cocaine have had greater amounts of anger and violence than other uses of cocaine. Cocaine will impair your judgment and make you believe that you are stronger than you actually are.

Mood Changes

Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Increased appetite is common after a cocaine high has subsided.

Irritability, anxiety and becoming very paranoid are common cocaine addiction symptoms for an addict. Most cocaine addicts will get the feeling of being depressed when the are withdrawing. A normal part of a cocaine withdrawal is a dysphoric mood. This has to do with the depressed, anxious and irritable moods that you may encounter.


One of the most common cocaine addiction symptoms is fatigue. When you are going through a cocaine withdrawal, it is common for you to feel fatigue. This is because you may have tired your body out from the hyperactivity and lack of sleep while you were on the cocaine high. When you start to come down from the high, you will get very sleepy. It is common for a person to sleep for a long extended period of time during a withdrawal from cocaine.

Increased Appetite

While you are on a cocaine high, it is common for you not to want to eat due to the hyperactivity that you were experiencing while on the high. Once you start to withdraw you maybe come excessively hungry and want to eat large meals frequently.

Serious Health Problems

There are serious health problems that can be caused due to a cocaine addiction. Heart problems, digestive problems, skin infections and severe allergic reactions are just a few of the many cocaine addiction symptoms. No matter how frequently you use cocaine, these symptoms can occur and may lead to something more serious, death.


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