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The capital of Mississippi, Jackson, has one of the largest populations in the state. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction issues in Jackson, there's help available. Here's what you need to know to find an alcohol and drug rehab in Jackson.

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Thumbnail Name Address Phone Treatment Insurance
Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services

5354 I-55 South Frontage Road East
Jackson, MS 39212

601-371-7335 Detox Inpatient Medicaid
The Friendship Connection

1480 Raymond Road
Jackson, MS 39204

601-373-1533 Inpatient N/A
Alternatives for Life Treatment and Recovery

5360 I 55 North
Jackson, MS 39211

601-362-3131 Outpatient Detox N/A
Alcohol Services Center

950 North West Street
Jackson, MS 39202

601-948-6220 Outpatient N/A
New Way Mississippi

916 Inge Street
Jackson, MS 39203

601-354-4002 Outpatient Medicaid
Improving Quality of Life

350 West Woodrow Wilson Avenue
Jackson, MS 39213

601-969-3733 Inpatient N/A
New Beginnings Residential Treatment

805 North Flag Chapel Road
Jackson, MS 39209

601-922-0026 Inpatient N/A
Merit Health Central

1850 Chadwick Drive
Jackson, MS 39204

601-376-1000 Inpatient Medicaid Private
Marion Counseling

4780 I-55 North
Jackson, MS 39211

601-956-4816 Outpatient Medicaid Private
Jackson Comprehensive Treatment Center

1935 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39216

601-840-1454 Outpatient Detox Private
Canopy Childrens Solution

1465 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39216

601-352-7784 Outpatient Inpatient Medicaid Private
Hinds Behavioral Health Services

3450 Highway 80 West
Jackson, MS 39209

601-321-2400 Outpatient Inpatient Medicaid Private
Falconhill Recovery House

917 Inge Street
Jackson, MS 39203

601-355-0413 Inpatient N/A

310 Airport Road South
Jackson, MS 39208

601-933-9100 Inpatient N/A
Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services

5354 I-55 South Frontage Road East
Jackson, MS 39212

601-371-3217 Inpatient N/A
GV Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center

1500 East Woodrow Wilson Avenue
Jackson, MS 39216

601-362-4471 Outpatient Detox Inpatient Private Medicaid
Catholic Charities of Jackson Born Free New Beginnings

850 East River Place
Jackson, MS 39202

601-355-8634 Inpatient N/A
Imagine Behavioral Health

1920 Dunbarton Drive
Jackson, MS 39216

601-982-5376 Outpatient Private
Metro Counseling Center

911 Palmyra Street
Jackson, MS 39203

601-353-0502 Outpatient N/A
A Bridge To Recovery

1437 Old Square Road
Jackson, MS 39236

601-977-9353 Outpatient N/A
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Jackson, MS Drug and Alcohol Statistics

Jackson is located in Hinds and Raymond counties. According to studies, Hinds County has the third highest number of suspected overdose deaths as of 2021.1 Generally, statistics about drug abuse in Mississippi show that:1,2

Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Jackson

Rehab costs vary widely and typically depend on:

Treatment setting (inpatient or outpatient)

Features and amenities (luxury or standard rehab facility)

Duration of program (30, 60, or 90 days)

Health insurance plan coverage

Government funding

Many people have health insurance and can use their coverage to pay for services. Thanks to legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, health insurance companies must provide coverage for medical conditions including substance use disorder (SUD).

If you don’t have health insurance, however, there are many other options to help pay for care. For example, you can reach out to friends or the virtual community with a crowdfunding campaign. You can also look into medical loan payment plans, which you can find by asking about the rehab you’re interested in.

Free Treatment Options in Jackson

If the aforementioned options don’t work, look for low-cost and free drug rehabs in Mississippi. These programs are typically funded by state, local, and federal resources, such as the SAMHSA block grant and funds offered by religious organizations.

Free state-funded rehabs are usually only for those that qualify by having a very low income. At these places, you might see a sliding fee scale, which lowers the cost of treatment following a scale determined by income levels. They might also offer rehab scholarships, where the facility or a third party covers all or part of the cost of rehab.

Should I Travel to Jackson for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Mississippi

jackson capital buildingIf you love the Mississippi area, the capital city of Jackson might be a great place for you to seek addiction treatment. According to the SAMHSA, there are six rehab facilities to choose from within five miles of the city center of Jackson and easy access to other nearby cities with more options via the nearby 20 and 55 highways.3

Services offered at Texas drug and alcohol rehabs include regular outpatient services and an outpatient detox program, inpatient rehab programs, and telehealth services. Your care needs are the first factor to consider when choosing your alcohol and drug rehab in Jackson, so you can benefit from the wide range of programming available in Jackson and surrounding areas.

Exciting attractions and other places of interest in the Jackson area include:

Neighborhoods in Jackson for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In the far west corner of Jackson is the Clinton neighborhood, where you can spend time at Buddy Butts Park and Brighton Park. The area has plenty of amenities, such as schools, shops, and places to eat.

Downtown Jackson is home to the Jackson Zoo, as well as Jackson State University, in the Belview hood. There is plenty of employment in this area, with hotels and other businesses galore, and more as you move east. The eastern section is home to the Flowood and Jackson neighborhoods, with fun places to cool off such as the Shiloh Splash Park and the Cinemark Pearl, and XD Theater.

How Do I Choose a Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

When choosing a rehab, make sure to learn about the program you’re committing to, such as its:

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs in Jackson

Because no two paths to recovery look alike, there is a range of treatment settings available to ensure you get the best care for your needs. These settings are:4

There are also specialized programs for people of differing backgrounds, such as:

Alcohol and Drug Laws in Mississippi

To prevent the damages caused by alcoholism and addiction to drugs, and to treat problems when they occur, the state has enacted various related laws.

Naloxone Access Standing Order: The opioid antagonist standing order in Mississippi provides pharmacists the opportunity to offer Naloxone kits to people who don’t have a prescription, such as family members of people at risk of an overdose.5 They are also enabled to legally offer training in the best practices when using the overdose reversal kits.

Good Samaritan Overdose Law: The good Samaritan overdose laws prevent people from being prosecuted for certain crimes if they call 911 to report an overdose.6 This helps get emergency services to people quickly with overdose reversal medication. If a person is carrying or taking an illegal substance, they may be protected from prosecution when interacting with law enforcement regarding their involvement in the overdose situation.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): While MS has yet to officially adopt a paid medical leave statute, employees are usually qualified for unpaid leave under federal FMLA laws.7 These laws require most employers with at least 50 employees to offer a 12-week unpaid leave of absence to treat medical conditions, and either give them their old position when they return or an equal or better position, if they had to fill that spot during the employee’s time on leave.

Opiate Prescription Limitation Laws: To prevent undue addiction and the resulting overdoses that can occur, Mississippi law prohibits doctors from prescribing more than ten days’ worth of opiate medication for patients with non-cancer-related pain and is highly discouraged from providing more than a three-day supply.8 There is also a prescription drug database to help prevent patients from doctor shopping or getting a duplicate prescription from multiple doctors.

If you need treatment for addiction in Mississippi, give us a call at 800-926-9037 (Info iconWho Answers?) . We’re standing by to answer questions and verify insurance, and help you find the best alcohol or drug rehab in Jackson for you.


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