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What is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment is a type of residential rehab program for addiction in which you will receive 24-hour care and supervision from medical professionals (including doctors, nurses, and counselors). These facilities offer room and board to patients, so you can stay at the center for as long as your program lasts. Inpatient drug rehab programs may also offer:

  • A personalized treatment program that is assessed and modified continually based on your changing needs and progress in the program
  • A chance to work more intensively on recovery in a safe and supportive environment
  • A mix of behavioral, medical, and psychological therapies to assist in the treatment
  • Medical and psychological care for any underlying mental health issues
  • Aftercare programs, and long-term recovery strategies to use once you leave

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment?

Studies have shown that 90 days or more of inpatient treatment give individuals their best chance at positive, long-term, recovery outcomes. Outpatient programs, which provide similar but less intensive treatment while the patient continues to live at home can be effective for patients with a strong support system and a safe and stable living arrangement, but ideally, you should have a complete break from your usual environment to focus on recovery fully.

Inpatient treatment is more easily customizable to the individual needs of the patient and offers greater time and intensity to prepare you with the specific knowledge and coping skills you need to stay sober after you return to your everyday life. It can also provide you a safe space and the assistance to recognize any elements of your home life that will need to change for you to continue growing and thriving in recovery. Some of these elements, such as an unsafe living arrangement that exposes you to drugs and alcohol, can be changed while you are still in treatment so that you can transition to a healthier environment immediately after discharge.

The body and brain also need plenty of time to heal from the physical effects of chronic drug or alcohol use. Beginning this healing in a protected space surrounded by trained professionals can help keep you on track and prevent relapse. An immersive, 24/7 treatment environment also allows you to completely dedicate yourself to understanding your addiction and learning how to cope with the disease. You will be able to emerge from treatment a much stronger, clearer thinking person, who is much better equipped to deal with the everyday ups and downs of the “real world.”

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