Will I Need More Than One Round of Addiction Treatment?

Most people will need more than one round of addiction treatment. The reasons for this are many, but one of the clearest is due to the relapse rates associated with the condition itself and how a full, well-rounded, and amended treatment program that meets the changing needs of the individual can help.

Multiple Courses of Treatment are Needed

According to the Community Champions Initiative, “Some people can quit drug use ‘cold turkey,’ or they can quit after receiving treatment just one time at a rehabilitation facility.” These people are not considered stronger or better; an individual’s outcome just depends on many factors, such as how well they respond to a particular program. Although this is a possibility, “most of those who abuse drugs require long-term treatment and, in many instances, repeated treatments.”

Round of Addiction Treatment

Continuing to receive support, such as through counseling, will help to prevent relapse after treatment.

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that can cause a person to turn back to their dangerous drug abuse after abstaining from it for a long period of time. Attending multiple rehab programs and utilizing different treatment methods can help discourage this outcome and, for those who do relapse, attending another program is often necessary as well. People need access to multiple treatment options during their lifetimes, as:

  • Their needs may change and a new program will often be able to better reflect and treat those needs.
  • They may need something to reach out to when they are feeling vulnerable.
  • Addiction is a life-long issue, and treatment should not end with just one program.

Addicts should always have access to the care they require, even years after their last instance of drug abuse. If a certain program could possibly help them avoid relapse and create a better, safer life for themselves, then this option must be available.

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Will I Need More than One Round of Addiction Treatment?

There is no way to know for sure if a certain individual will need one or multiple rounds of addiction treatment. This is because every patient is different, their needs are different, and their care must reflect this. “Treatment approaches must be tailored to address each patient’s drug use patterns and drug-related medical, psychiatric, and social problems” (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Because there are so many variables here, it is impossible to predict what a person will need down the road as their needs change, only what can be helpful to them now.

When you are deciding to attend a rehab program, focus on your current needs and how you can make life better for yourself at this moment. Consider the treatments that will help you begin to live the life you want, free of substance abuse, and choose those. Over time, you can consider whether or not you may require more care.

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