Wausau, Wisconsin Methadone Clinics

Despite its small population of just under 40,000, Wausau faces many of the same problems with opioid addiction as the rest of Wisconsin and the U.S. Heroin and painkillers are responsible for roughly 80 percent of all drug overdoses that occur in the state — many of which lead to coma and death, and remain a threat to Wausau families and communities.

Wausau, WI methadone clinics offer treatments effective at helping nearly anyone overcome opiate dependency. Our experienced addiction counselors are on standby to answer all your questions about methadone and help you find the nearest treatment center.

Wausau Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Painkillers are commonly prescribed by doctors to relieve moderate to severe pain, but are highly addictive and can quickly lead to tolerance and physical dependence. Eventually, many painkiller users turn to heroin since the illicit opiate is cheaper and easier to obtain than prescription opioids. Drug abuse can also be caused by environment, trauma, and mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Physical signs of opiate abuse:

  • Impaired coordination
  • Small pupils
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Excessive sweating

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Getting Help in Wausau

If you suffer from opiate abuse and need help getting clean, understand that help is available and nearby. Wausau, WI methadone clinics will guide you safely and comfortably toward sobriety, and teach you how to rebuild your life after overcoming addiction. Methadone, buprenorphine, and Suboxone are just some medications that detox your body of opiates without triggering cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Choosing From Many Wausau Methadone Clinics

Finding the best methadone clinic can be overwhelming when addiction is interfering with your health and overall livelihood — use Addictions.com to find nearby treatment centers in Wausau.

  • Treat your dual diagnosis

    A dual diagnosis is when you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition like bipolar disorder or PTSD that drives your need to abuse opioids. Look for Wausau, WI methadone clinics that can treat your dual diagnosis using behavioral therapies and/or medications.

  • Get help building a new lifestyle

    Opiate abuse can take over your life and cause you to neglect important responsibilities and your favorite hobbies. Search for Wausau, WI methadone clinics devoted to helping you build a new, healthier lifestyle that leaves no room for heroin and painkiller use.

  • Meet like-minded individuals

    Drug abuse can cause feelings of isolation, especially when it damages your relationships with friends and family. Choose among Wausau, WI methadone clinics that also offer 12-step support groups and other group therapies so you can bond with like-minded individuals who share your compassion for the fight against addiction.

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